50 films that need blu 36-40


Film Number 36: Foxy Brown (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

Foxy Brown Is another film that Needs that Blu Granted its got one in the UK but not in the US. Doesn’t make mucho sense. I haven’t seen this film yet and its one that has been on my list to see as I do like Pam Grier and would be Great to see a young a sexy Pam Grier in Hi Def.

I don’t have much to say about this but I do wish that it would get a release in the States. I don’t know why the Uk is getting all these Blu releases and not the US. Does the wold of film hate the State or maybe just me? Come let’s get this going. Just look at that DVD cover, Sexiness and guns, I want to see that on Blu-Ray

Foxy Brown Stars Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, and Peter Brown.

Plot: A voluptuous black woman takes a job as a high-class prostitute in order to get revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

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Film Number 37: Once Upon A Time in China Collection


O My! A lot of great Jet Li Films has hit the Big Blu but not my 2nd favorite of all time from this master of Asian action. Why the hell is this not on Blu all ready? Some one tell me please.

Once upon a time in china is a great film with a great story and great action with Jet Li and Biao Yuen. Whats not to like? Lets get all the films on Blu and put this set out in a nice big box set on Blu-Ray so I can add this to my collection of bad ass films. If you only know American made Jet Li films, Shame on you. Find this buy this and eye this…but maybe wait until it’s on blu so you can get the full effects.

Once Upon A Time in China stars Jet Li, Biao Yuen, and Rosamund Kwa.

Plot: Set in late 19th century Canton this martial arts film depicts the stance taken by the legendary martial arts hero Wong Fei-Hung (1847-1924) against foreign forces’ (English, French and American) plundering of China. When Aunt Yee arrives back from America totally westernised, Wong Fei-Hung assumes the role of her protector. This proves to be difficult when his martial arts school and local militia become involved in fierce battles with foreign and local government. As violence escalates even Aunt Yee has to question her new western ideals, but is it possible to fight guns with Kung Fu? – IMDb

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Film Number 38: Revenge of The Nerds (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

Nearrrrrdddddds! OK I know but hey I think a lot of people like this movie. Its fun and Just like the title which makes this a good and fun film is that Nerds get revenge on the Jocks and popular group.

Revenge of the nerds was a great childhood film and now that I look at it I kinda feel like I am part nerd to begin with. This film I think might still hold up but hey let me decide and put this fun film on Blu-Ray.

Revenge of the Nerds stars Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield.

Plot: When lovable nerds Gilbert and Lewis embark on their freshman year at Adams College, little do they realize the perils that await them. They’re beset with taunting by the jocks of Alpha Beta fraternity, which only worsens when the jocks accidentally burn down their house and are forced toss the freshmen out of the freshmen dorm. To make matters more problematic, Lewis develops a crush on pretty Betty Childs, popular sorority sister and quarterback’s girlfriend. Joined by the aptly named Booger and the violin-playing Pointdexter, the nerds soon realize they must form their own fraternity in self-defense. Soon the tables are turned as the nerds employ high-tech warfare against the jocks…. but can they really win and make a difference? IMDb

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw6zrInbtQE]


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Film Number 39: Gleaming The Cube

The great child hood film from my 90’s that’s not child friendly involves skateboards and guns O Yea. The film was released in 89 but I didn’t get to view this until the early 90’s when I started watching Tv as a kid and Understanding things that were not cartoons.

This film stars a very young Christian Slater and also has Skateboard legend making hes first appearance that is Tony Hawk who builds Slater’s Board to be the best street board there is to chase and run from the Bad Guys who kill his adopted Asian Brother. I Love this film and Haven’t seen this in a very long time so it’s about TIME That it gets a Blu- Ray Treatment from the Movie World Huh. Come on So many Skateboarding Kids of today’s time have never seen this Classic….In My eyes as a child this is Classic. Lets gets this going before 4k Resolution become the Normal Please.

Gleaming the Cube stars Christian Slater, Steven Bauer, and Richard Herd.

Plot: Brian’s adopted brother is killed when he discovers that the shop he works in sends weapons to Vietnam instead of medications. To the police it looks like suicide, but Brian knows better so he skates off to investigate the murder himself. – IMDb


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Film Number 40: 3 Ninjas

Speaking of Childhood Classics, This gem of a film got all the kids wanted to learn to be a Karate Busting Boards Ninja’s Like Me. What kid doesn’t like films were kids are kicking Adults asses and making it look cool.

3 Ninjas is a film that should have been on Blu-Ray in 2012, what The F Happen. I want to relive my Childhood and Bring in other Kids in and show them what I felt and experienced when watching great films. Come on Blu-Ray, DVD is old and outdated, Not Like this Movie, So let’s get this Kick Ass film on The Big Blu so Big J can watch This on the Big Screen. Also So others can View this in all its Glory …Lets get it done before I hire Tum Tum, Rocky and Mean ass colt to Kick some ass. Also you might as well up convert the other Three films as well.

3 Ninjas Stars Fritzi Burr, Scott Caudill, and Tasen Chou.

Plot: Each year, three brothers Samuel, Jeffrey and Michael Douglas visits their Japanese grandfather, Mori Shintaro whom the boys affectionately refer to as Grandpa, for the summer. Mori is a highly skilled in the fields of Martial arts and Ninjutsu, and for years he has trained the boys in his techniques. After an organized crime ring proves to be too much for the FBI, it’s time for the 3 brother NINJAS! To use their martial arts skills, they team up to battle the crime ring and outwit some very persistent kidnappers! – IMDb



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