50 films that need blu HM

Honorable Mentions:

Here are my Honorable Mentions and I’m pretty sure the Disney films listed will get a Blu-Ray Upgrade soon


  1. Aladdin

    Cant wait for this film. I’m a huge fan. The film does have a Blu-Ray Release but over sea’s in a great looking Steelbook edition which I was to slow to get before it sold out. I’m Kicking my self now.


  1. The Jungle Book (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

    Due to Release on February 11, 2014 in the US. The film does have a release over Seas in a great looking Steelbook edition which I do own. It sits unopened on my self as a collectible. Come on February.


  1. 101 Dalmatians (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

    Another Disney film I’m sure will get an Upgrade to Blu-Ray Release in 2014 if not early 2015. The film has been released over sea’s. Also will get a collectible Steelbook Release as-well which I have pre-orderd.


  1. Beethoven

    Every one loves this lovable but home destroying dog. Right. It’s a childhood favorite.


  1. Mr Smith Goes to Washington (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

    Here is another film I have never seen as you may have seen that a few on my top 50 are the same. But hey its a movie a want to see and I love James Stewart.


  1. Toy Soldiers

    Here is a film from my childhood that I liked. Will I still be able to enjoy this? Its been a long time but from what I read a lot of others would love to see this get a Blu-Ray Release.


  1. Duck Soup

    O what joy of comedy from the past. I never seen this film only some clips and this film is on the top 100 of must see. I have never seen a Marx Brothers film. I don’t think any one of them have a Blu-Ray Release….sad. I really would love to see this on Blu-Ray.


  1. It Happened One Night (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

    Clark Gable, One of the biggest Actors of his time This Film is on the top 10 greatest films, so would love to check this out….on Blu-Ray.


  1. James Dean – Biopic starring James Franco

    Ok I had the DVD n my Amazon wish list for a long time just waiting for an upgraded Blu-Ray edition. I have never seen this and from what I heard its pretty good. James looks and acts Like James…Dean.


  1. Major Pain

    Hey here is a loopy comedy but still great to watch. I loved the film back in the day and still do after check int his film out on TV Not so long ago.


  1. The Kid

    Here is another Charlie Chaplin Film and another one I wished was on Blu-Ray.


  1. HUD

    O hell yea. Lets gets this great Paul Newman film on Blu-ray. It only gets a 5 star ratting from every one on Amazon.


  1. The Greatest Show on Earth

    Another film I have never seen but really want to see on Blu-Ray. It only stars Chalton Heston…that’s all.


  1. Rapid fire

    This film only stars Bruce Lee’s Son Brandon Lee, That’s all. Why isn’t this great action film not on Blu-Ray yet?


  1. Turner & Hooch

    A great film were the dog is a star. This is a great film and will definitely make you cry. Plus it only stars Tom Hanks. One if not the only film of his to hit Blu-Ray.


  1. Silver Bullet

    Classic childhood horror film by Stephen King. Starring a great and fun actor to watch that is Gary Busey and also Corey Haim (R.I.P)


  1. kingpin (Update: Released on Blu-Ray)

    Only one of the greatest Movies that is about bowling and a guy with a hook hand….also Bill Murray. Lets go. H Wood and get this on The Blu.


  1. The Alamo (1960)

    Here is another film I Have never seen and also on the top 100 films to must see. It stars John Wayne which I own a bunch of his film on Blu. Lets get this one on Blu too.


  1. Exodus

    O My did I Just put another Paul Newman film on this list? Uhh Yes and this is also on the top 100 films you must see list. So I must ask , if its must see than Why isn’t this on Blu-Ray.


  1. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

    And last but not least a film that co-stars James Stewart and John Wayne and also is on the top 100 must see films. I want this on Blu-Ray, What about you.


O My what a great list of movies. I shared 70 films I wish were on Blu-Ray with a few that are in the making of Getting the Blu Treatment. Of course I have more I would like to throw on this list but these films for me are the ones I want now.

I want to thank you for reading my wish list. I hope you enjoyed and maybe this has got you thinking of films you would love to see on Blu-Ray.

Do you have a rant or a complement about my list? Or do you have a top 10 list of films you would like to see on Blu-Ray Let me know I would love to see what you type. You can post your thoughts and comments  below




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