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JeeJa Yanin’s – 3rd Film Hits Blu-Ray In The U.S – What are you waiting for? Click Here

this girl is badass JeeJa Yanin’s new film This Girl is Badass has hit Blu-Ray and DVD here in the States. Starring Petchtai Wongkamlao, JeeJa Yanin, Akom Preedakul, This Girl is Badass is a comedy / Action film that has gotten mixed reviews good and bad like most films.

I just picked the film up so I can’t comment on the film, just JeeJa Yanin her self I can Hmmmm.

Jeeja Starred in her first film called Chocolate (2008) that was pretty good and also got a lot of good reviews. This Girl is Badass is her 3rd film with Raging Phoenix being her 2nd which I thought was just ok. It had good Acton, a some what good story but didn’t like the break dance like fighting.

JeeJa Just wrapped up her next film starring along side Tony Jaa in Protector 2 which I can’t wait for and should be Badass

Check out her films below from amazon and I do Recommend Chocolate…and Protector 2 even though I haven’t seen it and or it isn’t even out yet.

This Girl is Badass Has English Dubbing for the lazy and or you can watch it in Thai with English Subtitles which is how I will watch and  funny it will be more hmmmm. (Sorry)

Plot: Revolves around Uncle Sawang and his niece Jakkalan whose lives turn into chaos after Jakkalan is hired to transport some smuggled goods to ruthless gangsters.

Product Details
Product Details
Product Details

Chocolate [Blu-ray]

Starring JeeJa Yanin  (2009)

Buy new: $16.98 $12.97

Raging Phoenix [Blu-ray]

Starring Jeeja Yanin (2010)

Buy new: $19.98 $14.93

This Girl Is Badass [Blu-ray]

Starring JeeJa Yanin (2013)

Buy new: $29.98 $19.99




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