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Upcoming Well Go USA Films on the Cheap – Gotta Have Em


Hello Readers! As you may know we do a lot of Movie Reviews and you might have noticed the majority are from Well Go USA. SO with that said we are a supporter for The greatest Asian film distributor in the US. Some great news on Amazon below.

Amazon has a bunch of upcoming Well Go USA films for pre-order for on Blu-Ray for only $10 – O My. I have only viewed and reviewed 2 of them  and both are great. Check the list below and pre-order a few and show support for Well Go USA and by Pre-ordering from here you show Support for soreelflix as well.  But don’t let the supporting thing get in the way, the films below are great and the ones I haven’t viewed could be on that same level especially the Donnie Yen Film….Cant wait for that one. Got to say Well GO is Killing it this year


Product Details
Product Details
Product Details

On the Job
Starring Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez and Gerald Anderson


Buy new: $29.98 $9.96

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

Starring Mark Chao, William Feng, Angelababy and Carina Lau


Buy new: $29.98 $9.96

Special Id

Starring Donnie Yen

$19.98 $9.96 Blu-ray


Feb 11, 2014Feb 11, 2014May 13, 2014

O My, I just got done reviewing this film and I was Highly surprised how good it was. I didn’t know about this film at all so it was a total blind view. Lets just say I gave this a 5 out of 5 and for $10 is just insane. The Blu-Ray looks real good in Picture Quality and it’s just a notch under Finding Nemo. Check the review and Pre-order right away.

Another film I have reviewed and the last one so far. If you liked the First Film Detective Dee than you will like this one and for only $10 its worth the buy even if you think it’s just mediocre.  Check the review above to see if you have the same taste as I do. I enjoyed the film But not as much as On The Job.

A film I haven’t seen yet and the one I can’t Wait for. This Blu-Ray is only $10 and that’s cheaper than the DVD lol. Only Staring Name should make you sold on this film, Donnie Yen and Donnie Yen is sporting A neck Tat and I’m Sure he is going to Kick some ass…O man can’t wait.
– Review Here –– Review Here –


Product Details
Product Details
Wrath of Vajra

Starring – Yu Xing, Sung-jun Yoo, Heon Jun Nam$29.98 $9.96 Blu-ray

Confession of Murder

Starring –


Buy new: $29.98 $9.96
Seven Warriors

Starring – Jing Chen, Adam Cheng, Jacky CheungBlu-ray

Buy new: $29.98 $9.96

March 18, 2014

April 15, 2014

April 22, 2014

I Don’t know much about this film but from the trailer it looks like the action will be good a plot I can’t comment on yet and it also has some weird things going on. For me I would like to see this as the action looks to be Intense
Here is the Trailer-
$10 for great action….My Pre-Order is in just in case  Well Go USA Doesn’t throw this film in the Media Packages

This film was released in 2012 in South Korea and is finally seeing the State side thanks to Well Go USA. I have no Idea what the film is or about except from what I read from the Story line. Looks to be A Grimy and Dark Detective film with actors I have seen before. The film looks story Driven with some action as what I gather from the Trailer
-Here is the Trailer-

Its only $10 so it could be worth the check out and for that price its an added Plus

Currently $10 Cheaper than the DVD Pre-Order at $10 this looks like it could be a good buy. Form the title alone it looks like this film was inspired by Seven Samaria. This film is not a new film as it was release theatrically in 1989 with good reviews. O And Sammo Hung Directed this film….That alone made me Pre-Order this.
-Here is a Trailer-

Film also stars Sammo Hung, My main Man Philop Kwok of Deadly venom fam and also Lieh Lo

Other films from well go that will be releasing later on but not in that $10

Product Details


Buy new: $29.98 $26.98
Product Details


Buy new: $29.98 $25.48
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