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Will Go USA Acquires North American Rights for “Ip Man 3”

ipmanHello Reader! Great news today. As you may know I have reported that Ip Man 3 was a go and Donnie Yen was to lead his fists again last year. The film will begin Production early 2015,  but the great news today is that a fantastic company has picked up the rights to Ip Man 3.

Well Go USA Has acquired North American Rights for the release of Ip Man 3 for  DVD/Blu-Ray and Big screen viewing pleasures.

Donnie Yen is back and also Wilson Yip will be the guy behind the Cam. The film will also be 3D if you care for that kind of thing. Ip Man 3 Will revolve around the teacher student relationship between Bruce Lee and Master Yip Man showcasing the teaching Bruce has Gained from the man. Another part of the plot deals with Ip Man searching for the real meaning of life.

I cant wait to view the film and very happy that Well Go USA gained the rights.

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