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Review: Fighter in the Wind

Fighter in the Wind 
Fighter in the Wind
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Starring: Masaya Kato, Jeong Du-hong, Yang Dong-geun, Aya Hirayama, Jeong Tae-woo
Directed: Yang Yun-ho

Release Date: 2004

Run Time: 120 Minutes

Format: DVD

Korean / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Cinema Epoch


A young Korean Taekwondo competitor arrives in Japan near the end of World War II with hopes of being a fighter pilot, but ends up on the streets battling racism, organized crime, occupying American servicemen, and his own fear of failure as a martial art.

My Thoughts

This is a biopic on the Korean martial artists Choi Bae-dal who left for japan with his brother to enroll in Japans aviation school during the war and also adopted a Japanese name Masutatsu Oyama (not mentioned in the film his Japanese name and or his brother who joined aviation school)

The movie is not a fully accurate and also seems like Korean propaganda as the Japanese are the evil guys but in reality bae-dal loved japan and became a master at karate their Eventually creating his own style.

Back to the film itself if you take out the biopic part its a great film.More story driven with good action and some training scenes, the film builds form a novice fighter to a master in is own craft defeating all the Japanese great fighters who are high level black belts in karate and judo.
Some will hate it and say this is inaccurate and the film creator was portraying the wrong messages and mixing facts. I’ve read up on the real guy and the movie does leave things out and switch  some things up to put Koreans on top of the Japanese.
I’m  just looking at this as a movie it self..I liked it a lot.
I can see where some one might not like it due to how things are portrayed in the wrong fashion. But hey its a movie parts are real the other 3/4 is not that’s with a lot films now days. The movie reminds me of fearless, the way it starts and the way it ends. I rate this film a

4.5 out of 5

Fighter in the wind is available on Amazon


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