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Review: Merantau

Merantau [Blu-ray]
Rating: 4 out of 5

Starring: Iko Uwais, Sisca Jessica, Christine Hakim
Gareth Evans

Release Date: 2009

Run Time: 112 Min

Format: Blu-Ray

Audio: Eng, Indonesian / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Magnolia, Magnet


Leaving the simple life of a young man in rural Sumatra, Yuda must undergo merantau,
a traditional rite of passage in which a young man must leave his family’s home to make
it on his own.

After heading to the big city of Jakarta, Yuda begins his trial of merantau. He quickly
learns that living in the big city is very different from all he has ever known. After a
young boy tries to steal his wallet,he is plunged into a violent world of human trafficking
where his martial arts skills are tested in a rapidly escalating spiral of violence.

My Thoughts

This is an Indonesian martial arts film that introduces a style called silat, some what
similar to Muay Thai. The film follows a guy leaving his family’s tomato farm to take a
journey to the big city as it is a tradition that helps those taking the journey to find
their way in life, That is what Merantau means.

Most of the action starts about 20 minutes into the movie. The film is packed with
fight scenes and  the guy playing Yuda is pretty good with the action. He does not
have the flair like Tony Jaa, but that’s OK because he isn’t Tony Jaa.

The camera work is really well done and the action scenes are fun to watch.
Some scenes seemed a little to fake though like this one where Yuda and 2 guys
chasing him jump some roof tops, But the good thing is that the good guy is not
invincible. Every fight Yuda takes his fair share of blows which is a big plus for me,
makes it more realistic.

The English dubbing is horrible, the sounds don’t fit the face meaning the old lady
has a young persons voice., Its to thin sounding. The original soundtrack  the voice’s are
much fuller sounding with a deeper base. Watching the film with subtitles would be a
better option in my opinion.

The film has its pros and cons. for me more pros so this ranks higher than mediocre.
I Give the film 4 out of 5

Merantau is at Amazon

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