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Review: Return of Bastard Swordsman

Return of Bastard Swordsman 
Return of Bastard Swordsman

Rating: 4 out of 5

Starring: Lau Chan, Shen Chan, Kuan Tai Chen, Tao Chiang, Miao Ching
Directed: Chin-Ku Lu

Release Date:  1984

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng, Mandarin / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Funimation Entertainment


Just when audiences thought the director couldn’t get more spectacular and outrageous, he unleashed this eye-filling, mind-bending “Martial Arts World” sequel of clan rivalries, ninja atrocities, wizard sorceries, and the mythical Silkworm style that changes our hero into a veritable Spider-swordsman.

The screen practically explodes with colorful characters and kung-fu — all directed,
co-written, and co-choreographed by Lu Chun-ku, and showcasing some of the best
Shaw Brothers action stars. The original Bastard Swordsman was just the beginning,
this superlative cult classic that out-phantasmagoricals the original. (IVL)

My Thoughts

A Wuxia the art of wire fu haha , comes back for the 2nd time to complete its story.
Filled with action, flying around doing the impossible and yes more lasers.
A new Bad guy is introduced first thing in the beginning of the film… its the evil
Japanese and their gay phantom technique. Why I say this…?
Well it deals with making the heart explode, but only why to lay this skill on an
opponent the guy has to stand behind the opponent has his chest pumps like a bull
frogs throat on his back controlling the heart and forcing it out of the body.

The one scene looked like a gay porn scene the shot what was waist-high with 2 guys
hugging ones chest moving in and out in back of the other and one making painful
noise if I walked in on some one watching that I would have thought they were watching gay porn lol. The film is pretty good but not as good as the first.

The plot is small and no character build up. Lots of death and blood smeared walls more flying around and is just as entertaining as the first and just about the same
with  the funny moments. I wonder if they were trying to make it funny if not its still
pretty funny to watch dude fly around with crazy skills like the silkworm haha.

The Movie has the same cast except for the 2 venom mob crew. 
The opposing master from the other clan son is still absent the one were Lo Meng
played the role. It’s sad because that was a great  Character in the first film who
disappears half way through it for no reason.

The dubbing is the same as the last film the over all look of the film is just as good
on DVD format. After adding up every thing  I give this film a

4 out of 5

Return of Bastard Swordsman can be found on Amazon


 NO English Dubbing or Subtitles in Trailer
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