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Review: The Heroic Ones

The Heroic Ones 
 The Heroic Ones

Starring: David Chiang, Ti Lung

Directed: Chang Cheh

Release Date: 1970

Run Time: 120 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Well Go USA


No screen team was more triumphant in the Golden Age of kung-fu cinema than the iron triangle of director Chang Cheh and his proteges David Chiang and Ti Lung. This is their quintessential historical epic, set during the waning years of the Tang Dynasty.

It s literally brother against brother as David Chiang and Ti Lung display their remarkable martial arts prowess battling insiders and outsiders in a duel to the death for the fate of China.

My Thoughts

This is a Shaw brothers film starring Ti Lung and David Chiang one of many Movies they done together. This is a bloody film no hand to hand combat but some good sword fights and one of the best death scenes in a Shaw Brothers film.

The best fight scene for me is when Ti Lung is on the bridge fighting and later on David arrives to help. Original title 13 fighters or 13 warlords (Shi san tai bao) is about  13 sons and a father who is a warlord and they try to suppress rebel forces but along the way the plot gets a twist and its all about family. Scene opens 2 brothers at the tents entrance,  (Hey its a Venom) David Chiang is on the ground with ropes bound to each of his arms, legs and neck a slight sound of horses ruffles on the outside…could the ropes be tied to the horses ,is this a joke, does some one help David escape or does he get out of this predicament him self. Sorry to say You will have to view the film to find out haha.

This copy is remastered with good dubbing sound track in 5.1 surround sound..and has the options to view with subtitles. But some may say the subtitles are of or misspelled. I didn’t view them so I don’t know.

My Rating is 4.5 out of 5

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