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Review: The Samurai I Loved

The Samurai I Loved
The Samurai I Loved

Starring: Somegorô Ichikawa, Yoshino Kimura, Kôji Imada, Ryô Fukawa, Mieko Harada

Directed: Mitsuo Kurotsuchi

Release Date:  2005

Run Time: 131 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: AnimEigo


Following his father’s forced seppuku, Bunshiro and his mother are left with nothing but a meager income and the shame of his father’s alleged treason. After years of dedicating himself to swordsmanship, and trying to forget the memory of his childhood love, Fuku, he becomes a crop inspector for the fief and finds himself ensnared by the same devious retainers that cost his father his life.

When he finds that Fuku, now one of the Lord’s concubines, is also an unwilling pawn in the same deadly game, Bunshiro is forced to confront an undying love thought to be buried long ago, but which binds him with the strings of fate.- AnimEigo

My Thoughts

The Samurai I loved is a winner of several awards and nominated for over 10 awards and I don’t let that affect the way I view this film. The film is more a coming of age / drama with some action, But don’t let that make you not want to buy this because the film is good. The action is Awesome when it comes and its more realistic than most Samurai films, as not all the blows are kills shots. some get cut in just the arm and keep on fighting.  You also get to view some training scenes which you don’t get to see much in other sword swinging ,blood spraying films.

The Samurai I loved for me was a little slow, coming in at 131 minutes of run-time. The story was good as you get to know the characters as they grow and then separate into an older life, but then  later they all meet again. One coming back from Edo ,another who is living in shame due to his fathers alleged treason and his childhood love Fuku who took a different turn in life  talk about what could have been if she didn’t go to Edo before she haves her head. Why does she say she is going to shave her head? She isn’t going crazy like Britney but when you watch the film you will know.

Lets get to the action. Even tho its a short amount of the movie the action is great. Like I said above its more realistic  and even  some of the killers feel sorry for taking a life but it had to be done. The film does have blood spray , fountain like( who doesn’t like that) and body’s stacking on top of each other and a pile swords stained with blood. The best part was the one on one duel with Bunshiro ( the main lead) faces a guy who he once  trained with, find each other on opposite sides. Bunshiro does an Awesome move like a Michael Jordan behind the back slam dunk but I don’t want to give away too much. all I got to say is –  go get the movie and view for your self, I feel the film is worth the buy and this is why I don’t give away to much of the movie in this review.

All in all I give the film a 4 out of 5, A definite worth the buy Samurai film you get to follow the life of a samurai who isn’t involved of much violence compared to other films. AnimEigo Did a good job picking this film and you can buy from their site [ Here ] or you can get it from Amazon.

Check the trailer out below to get a better feel for the movie.

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