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The Story is About Indonesian former Secret service undernama Garuda 7 Intelegent Agency who’s been retire. and now Hans (Barry Prima) living as Head of Komodo Fondation who work to maintain and promote Komodo Island. Indra (Willy Dozan aka. Billy Chong) working as Floating Market Businessman and living in Bandung. Firman (George Rudy) working as Shooting Instructor and also have an old bike club. they three still contact each other until one day Daughter of Hans has been kidnaping by Human Traffick Syndycate lead by Wallace (Richard Norton). Now Hans, Indra and Firman must gather their old team to search of Hans Daughter. but unfortunately Special agent Mario (Mark Dacascos) suspect Hans and the other been involved with Human Trafficking Syndycate. luckly Mario Partner, Special Agent David (Avent Christie) always Helping Hans and the other to escaping from Mario.

Meanwhile Adisty, Hans Daughter has been rescue accidentally by Andhika (Qausar H. Yudana) and his Sister Ernitha (Silvia Arnie) and they been hiding in Haris Lim (Leo Chandra) place. who actually also ex of Hans Garuda 7. After Haris and Adisty gather with Hans and the other. Hans Making a plan to gather the old team to fight back and they’re escaping Henry (Michael Dudikoff) their former sniper from mental hospital.

at the end they know the reason of Kidnaping is about case who havent been close 20 years ago. Wallace Syndycate working together with Martin (Lorenzo Lamas) the fierce pirate to helping Roy (Simon Yam) to get the Indonesian Treasury who’s been guarding by GARUDA 7.
Now Mario and David helping Hans and team to stop Roy and his allies to steal the Indonesian Treasure.

Thats a bit story that i have write with Bey Logan.

The Movie Production of this Movie is LIFEVOLUTION PICTURE ( Me and Bey Logan own this Company) corporate with B&E Productions and Bey Said he trying to bring 4 Hollywood actor such as : Mark Dacascos, Michael Dudikoff, Lorenzo Lamas & Richard Norton. and Hongkong Actor Simon Yam to be part of this Movie.

We Starting the project in this September to do training and everything after Bey finish with the Lady Bloodsport on July, we starting Shoot on end January 2014 to be release in Indonesia and Asia on August 2014, Bey also trying to involving VOLTAGE PICTURE to be associate production for US release also PICTUREWORKS for the India Distribution.

And i haven’t heard a news from Bey, that he also try to bring Brett Ratner to be aboard in this movie project. on the end of May Bey Logan and his team from B&E production will back to Jakarta with Mark Dacascos and Michael Dudikoff to make Convernce also do Hunting Location.

And from Indonesian Actor There is : Barry Prima, Willy Dozan (Billy Chong), Leo Chandra, Avent Christie, George Rudy, Qausar H. Yudana, Advent Bangun, Silvia Arnie, Indah Pelaporry, Lydia Kandou, Johan Saimima, Fendy Pradhana, Lam Ting.

Directed by : Bagus Ariatama
Produce by : Bey Logan
Written By : Bagus Ariatama & Bey Logan

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