The Stars Of Asian Cinema

Bruce lee

Birth Name: Lee Jun-fan
Born: November 27 1940
In USA: California
Died: July 20 1973 (aged 32)

Movies Stared in: 30

Bruce Lee a man every one knows, The best martial artiest/actor to hit the screens. Not only a actor but a real martial artist that was all ways working to perfect the art. A great mind A Hard worker None can take his place. Even tho he made few films in his adult life he became a icon that the world looks up too. Some times I look back and think what would have become of this man if he where still here today, what films he would of made and who would star along side him. Would that greatness still be their, would we have gotten more classic films, how about a son and father film were he would star along side Brandon lee. What would he have thought about when he looks to the new sport we call mma. Bruce Lee has been gone for some time but what remains of him is what every one would want to leave behind, A memory for those who loved him and that in returns is keeping his spirit alive The greatest to hit the screen Bruce Lee


Year        Title

1941:        Golden Gate Girl
1946:        The Birth of Mankind
1948:        Wealth is Like a Dream
1949:        Sai See in the Dream
1950:        The Kid
1951:         Infancy
1953:        A Myriad Homes
1953:        Blame it on Father
1953:        The Guiding List
1953:        A Mother’s Tears
1953:        In the Face of Demolition
1955:        An Orphan’s Tragedy
1955:        Orphan’s Song
1955:        Love
1955:        Love Part 2
 1955:       We Owe It to Our Children
1956:       The Wise Guys Who Fool  Around
 1956:      Too Late For Divorce
1957:       The Thunderstorm
 1957:      Darling Girl
1960:      The Orphan
1969:      Marlowe
1969:      The Wrecking Crew (Action Director)
1970:      A Walk in the Spring Rain (Action Director)
1971:      The Big Boss
1972:      Fist of Fury
1972:      Fist of Unicorn
1972:      The Way of the Dragon
1972:      The Game of Death
1973:      Enter the Dragon
1978:      Game of Death
1981:      Game of Death II





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