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The Four 3D Gets a Trailer – Will The Last In A Trilogy Please

Hello Reader! Love Asian Action films? Swords, Ninjas, and explosions? Well This news is for you. Check the info and trailer below. The Four 3D is in the making and its the 3rd film in a trilogy. Well Go USA picked up and released the first film The four last year, What ever happened to […]

Trailer For Korean Robin Hood Type Film – Kundo: Age of Rampant

Hello Reader! Love Asian Films? Korean Films? Action? Well Hey check the news below Because it looks like it’s a good One. Kundo: Age of Rampant (aka Band of Thieves) will be one of the next Korean Films to hit the US thanks to Will Go USA. From the trailer the film looks like it […]

Scott Adkins and Jacky Wu Star in ‘Wolf Warrior’ – Teaser Inside

Hello Reader! Guess what?  A New Jacky Wu Film is coming and stars Scott Adkins and Jacky Wu. Check Below for the info to this great Collabed  Film. Wolf Warrior is the title of this film and for now we only get a teaser. From the teaser it looks like we will get lots of […]

Miike Takashi’s ‘Over Your Dead Body’ Gets Eye Gouging Trailer

Hello Reader! Miike Takashi Fan? We are and his new film has a creepy trailer. Check below for the news and trailer if you dare. Over Your Dead Body is Miike Takashi’s next film to creep you out. From the trailer it looks dark and creepy, the way I like Miike films to be. The […]

Will Go USA Acquires North American Rights for “Ip Man 3”

Hello Reader! Great news today. As you may know I have reported that Ip Man 3 was a go and Donnie Yen was to lead his fists again last year. The film will begin Production early 2015,  but the great news today is that a fantastic company has picked up the rights to Ip Man […]

Kundo: Age of the Rampant – Gains Trailer – Others Lose Heads

Hello Reader! Like South Korean Action Films? How about Arrows, Swords and Cleavers? Well Hey this film here looks like it might be for you, so hold on to your eye lids and check out the trailer below. Kundo: Age of the Rampant the film outa South Korea gains a Trailer with no English Subtitles […]

Say What? Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance gets a standalone Blu-Ray Release

Hello Readers! Park Chan-wook fan are we? Not sure who that is? How about the Original Oldboy Film? We hey if you don’t know your missing out big time. Check this news out fans and unknowns. Don’t forget to buy Oldboy if you dont have it click here –  Nice! Palisades Tartan is on a […]

Trailer: The Crying Man – The Man From Nowhere Director is Back

  Hello Readers! Love Korean dark action films? How about the film – The Man From Nowhere? He we here at soreelflix do and If you do to, check the news below. The Crying Man is the name of the film for now and heard they might change it to No Tears for The Dead […]

Skin Trade Gets Sneak Peek Trailer Thanks to Tony Jaa

Hello Reader! Tony Jaa Fan are we? We are and Guess what My Main Man TJ Shared? It’s A Sneak Peek to Skin Trade O Yea This isn’t an Official trailer or anything and when that pops up I will do a Full article for Skin Trade like most of my trailer new movie news […]

Upcoming Well Go USA Films on the Cheap – Gotta Have Em

Hello Readers! As you may know we do a lot of Movie Reviews and you might have noticed the majority are from Well Go USA. SO with that said we are a supporter for The greatest Asian film distributor in the US. Some great news on Amazon below. Amazon has a bunch of upcoming Well […]

Ip Man 3 Pushes Forward with New News

Salutations Readers! I Have some small but cool news. Do you Like The Films Ip man and Ip Man 2? Are you a fan of Donnie Yen? Well Hey Definitely have to peep the news below. Ip Man 3 looks like it will start pretty soon with both Donnie Yen as Lead and Hopefully Wilson […]

The Raid 2 – Kicks Some Ass in its First Trailer – O Hell Yea

Hello Reader! Did you enjoy The Raid? I Know I did. Are you ready for the Sequel? I can’t wait. Well Guess what? The trailer is here so check below and let us know what you think. The Raid 2 gets its first Trailer and from the looks of it with out it giving to […]