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Post Apocalyptic Action Sci-Fi Molly Is set to release on Blu-Ray.

Artsploitation sets date for the Release of Molly on Blu-Ray and DVD. Click here to see the news and Trailer.

Spike Lee’s School Daze Gets a Blu-Ray Treatment for its 30th Anniversary

Sony Sets Date for the Blu-ray Upgrade for Spike Lee’s School Daze. Check the link out for the News, Trailer and Press Release

Full Moon Brings Blu-Ray Goodness with Prehysteria

Full Moon Just announced that they will bring Prehysteria to Blu-Ray this fall. Click here for the Press release, trailer and Pre-Order links.

Sony Sets Blu-Ray Release Date for The Marine 6: Close Quarters

Sony Sets DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date for The Marine 6: Close Quarters. Click here for the press release, Trailer and Pre-Order links.

Air Force One Flies its way into the 4k Ultra HD Format

Sony drops news That Air Force One will be heading to 4k Ultra HD. Check the link for the Press release and date.

Lookie Lookie, I’ve got Hookie – Hook Gets the 4K Ultra HD Treatment

Sony Sets Date for 4k release of Hook with extra never before seen extras. Click here for information about this classic.

MVD Rewind Collection Roundup 2

Masked Avenger Shares his thoughts on the next MVD Classic Rewind Collection Blu-Ray Releases. Click here to see the Ninja’s thoughts.

Universal Sets Date for Blu-Ray release of Death Race Beyond Anarchy

Death Race Beyond Anarchy gets Digital, DVD and Blu-Ray release Date Thanks to Universal. Click here for the Press release.

Lake Placid Legacy is heading to DVD and Digital Thanks to Sony

Sony is set to release Lake Placid Legacy on DVD and Digital Soon. Date along with more information on the film within this link.

Sony Sets Date for the Blu-Ray Release of Superfly Starring Jason Mitchell

Sony sets the Blu-Ray Release date for the Remake of Superfly starring Jason Mitchell. Click here to more info about the film.

Universal Sets the Date for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM release on Digital and Disc Formats

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM has a release date to hit on Digital and Disc Formats thanks to Universal. Check the Press Release Here

Step Brothers Gets the 4k UHD Treatment, Thanks Sony

Sony Sets a Date for Step Brothers release on 4k UHD. You gotta have it so click here for the Press release and learn when this Classic Hits 4K.