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soreelflix.com presents: The Dead Live Here – Beat Tape

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A story about a house full of dark souls looking to lure in the Living.

Hello Reader. I love film and as some may know I love creating Instrumentals, so I combined the two to create a Horror story in Instrumental form. The Beat Tape is free to D/L  if interested, so check it out. I 100pr00f, that’s me or as I’m Known here Masked Avenger, have created all the tracks by hand , fully composed except some vocal Samples from movies and a track that was produced by Chief Bob

When you Download, check out the tracks also read the read me text file along with checking out the links provided below to give support for those who have helped bring this together. I want to hear your thoughts as well so please comment on this. Thanks for reading and listening.

Shout out and thanks to those who have helped:

  • Album Cover Front and back Graphics byshaolinsun
  • Album Cover Photo Photographed by Liam Rimmington
  • Track 661. NIGHTMARE was created by Chief Bob
  • Intro vocals on The Dead Live here were recorded by SKAMPOE


The Dead Live Here

654. The Dead Live here FT. SKAMPOE


655. She’s Here (Score)


656. Mortuary Mary


657. The Tall Man


658. Dracula’s Grand Piano


659. Out of Body Psychosis


660. Dark Sparrows


661. NIGHTMARE (Prod by Chief Bob)


662. Play Time With Mommy


663. Dracula’s Grand Piano – Note De Deces


664. Unknown Planet


665. Infections


666. neimaD


667. A Great Place to Stay (Outro)


Click Link Below To Download Album

The Dead Live Here – 100pr00f – Download


Thanks for listening – 100pr00f/Masked Avenger

By Masked Avenger

CEO/Webmaster of soreelflix.com. The Name Is James and I love Film ranging from Silent 20's to highly CGI Blockbusters of today. Westerns, Horror, world film, basically anything that peaks my interest I own it But Asian Films are what I Prize the most and Half of My collection Consists of Asian Films. Thanks to the Film 5 Deadly Venoms I Hail From The US, Maryland Is where The Ninja Studies and views the Scrolls of Film That Shine on his 46" Screen. I own a sword, I can do a thousand upside down situps, and I randomly disappear in smoke when I'm not writing movie news and or reviews.

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