I am Reviewing the 40th Anniversary Box Set of Enter the Dragon – Starring Bruce Lee

The Box Set Cost at the Time of Purchase was $35, I feel that is A little High for one film with extras. A fair Price would be $30

Whats in the Box

  • Very Sturdy Box (cool art work)
  • Blu-Ray Packaging with same art work
  • High Gloss Envelope full of goodies
  • Enter the Dragon Patch
  • Enter the Dragon car that was handed out at the original Premier of Enter the Dragon
  • A Booklet describing / showing photos from another book and where to buy said book
  • Lenticular card / (Movable Image when Tilted) of Bruce Lee
  • Photos

You Can Buy Enter the Dragon Here – Amazon


Watch My Review

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=329Z4QF-grw&feature=youtu.be]


Photos from The film

Here are some photos I have taken to showcase the Quality. These are not Movie stills but Photos I have taken with Iphone with lights off. So instead of looking at what a computer generates in Movie still, you can see how the films looked when I was watching them.

The PQ Is really Good for an Old film but still has that old feeling so it’s not to washed out and or waxy looking



Final Thoughts

Overall Its a great box set with cool extras and new special features but some Features taking away that was put out with The DVD version put out some odd years ago.

The Price is a little High at $35 and I feel $30 Would have been a fair price. At $35, a two disc set with extra special features included like the The Bio of Bruce Lee – A Warrior’s Journey that was a part of the DVD Version   released in 2004.  Remaster Hi Res Movie Stills would be cool along with trailers of Bruce Lee’s other films along with trailers from other actors like Jim Kelly also Angela Mao, and Sammo Hung to give the US Audience The know on who these people are and to show that they are great Martial art actors as well…. if they didn’t know that all ready

But It is what it is and I still love it and Feel if you’re a fan / collector Go buy it now before its gone…The art work is great.  For those who like the film but think it’s not a 5 out of 5 film like me or some what of a Bruce Lee fan, I would wait to buy until the price drops if it does or wait until they release the Blu-Ray disc alone with out the extras (If they Do)

For all those who have not seen Enter the Dragon…..What the Hell…GO buy it lol

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