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Dont Feel Sad Part 2

Hey I still have more to give…2 or 3 more posters still sit rolled up for the next Giveaway so stay tuned silly. But before that I will be giving away a Blu-Ray in a Month or so. Have fun



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A New Giveaway from thanks to Kung Fu Bob.
I will be giving away 3 posters to 3 winners and a bonus poster for the first selected winner. All the posters are created by Kung Fu Bob and all look great.

The Contest is for every one – World Wide

Here are the 3 posters close up

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Min-sik Choi Poster
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Chen Kuan-Tai Poster
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6th Student (5 Deadly Venoms) – Poster
Bonus Poster
Bonus Poster

Giveaway: Kung Fu Bob Posters

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How to Enter Giveaway:

Answer the Question below in this article (No wrong answer) Just scroll to bottom and enter your answer in the comment box.

QWhat is Your least Favorite Martial Arts Film and Why?


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Who Wins and When:

  • Three Winners will be randomly chosen by a name selector
  • 1st selected winner gets to choose which poster
  • 2nd selected winner gets to choose from remaining 2 posters
  • 3rd selected winner gets leftovers
  • Contest ends on July 12, 2014 – 5 pm ET (USA)

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  • Winners must email a photo with winnings to show that this Giveaway is real. (Recent Winners are below) and will be posted [Here]
  • Giveaway is World Wide
  • If no response from winner within 7 days a new winner will be selected. (Make sure you use an email address / Facebook you monitor daily)
  • One entry per person
  • Shipping is free


For those who don’t win or can’t enter you can always Buy posters from Bob.

Buy Posters – Click Here

Kung Fu Bob’s Top 10 films that Inspired his artwork – Click Here


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20 thoughts on “Giveaway: Kung Fu Bob Posters – Ended”
  1. Dragon Ball: Evolution. Everything is just wrong. Unless they intentionally made a parody cos i was laughing my ass. Oh wait more like crying why would I waste ny time watching it.

  2. Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu. Poorly made, badly choreographed and a true waste of talent. It even lacks the charm that a lot of lower budget films still have. I’m still trying to remove the memory of watching it from my brain.

  3. my least favorite Martial Arts movie is The Shaw Brothers’ Killer Snakes because there is no real martial arts action and the plot and premise are stupid and boring.

  4. The Crippled Masters. way to odd for me to get into. one guy no arms , the other no legs. lets team up! lol sooo bad

  5. You cats are good, but none of your choices for the least favorite kung Fu flicks of all times come even close. If my choice doesn’t win, I’ll consider that this contest is a rip off. The absolute worst kung Fu film ever committed to the waste of celluloid film and time has to be The Firefists Of The Incredible Dragon. This flick sucked so bad that I am considering paying anyone $5,000.00 to tell of the whereabouts of this so called film crew. Yikes!!!

  6. New Fists of Fury was the worst kung fu movie I ever watched…it was so unbearably boring that I remember nothing from that movie except that maybe Jackie Chan was totally cheesy in it because they were trying to make him continue the Bruce Lee legacy…but yeah that was a bad movie since I could not even finish watcing it all the way, kung fu movies aren’t suppose to make me fall asleep!

  7. World of Drunken Master. Despite Joseph Kuo being behind the camera, and the fresh moves of Li Yi Min and Jack Long on screen, this is what I watch when I’m having trouble falling asleep.

  8. My least favorite martial arts film is SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON. It has an amazing cast and I was so jazzed to watch it, but I was so bored. Granted, it was many years ago, so it may deserve a rewatch.

  9. My least favorite martial arts movie is the Fearless Hyena Part 2 (1983). This movie is really boring, contains nonsensical and pointless subplots, isn’t funny, and is especially disappointing considering how fantastic its predecessor was. Not only that, but the stock footage and bearded Jackie Chan double are horrendous. The only shining point in this movie is a Dean Shek cameo which was probably a deleted scene from the original anyway. This movie makes me really mad and I’m glad this giveaway exists simply so I can vent on how much I hate this catastrophe. Simply put, I dislike this movie STRONGLY!

  10. Worst movie for me would have to be Battle Warrior with Tony Jaa. Just awful dialog and an terrible plot. Could not wait for it to end.

  11. Heroes of the East (Shaolin Challenges Ninja) because it has all the elements of great storytelling with masterful fight choreography and filmmaking on display.

  12. My least favorite is anything by JCVD (save Kickboxer, and Bloodsport), or Steven Segal….just could never get into them…

  13. My least favorite martial arts film is Shaolin Temple Strikes Back. It is an obvious rip off of Jet Lee’s historical Shaolin Temple film and copies tries to copy scenes directly from Jet’s movie ( but can’t compete with Jet). The plot is boring and in comparison the action is not as good as the film it tries so hard to be.

  14. Least favorite martial arts film…hmm… I’d have to say Rivals of the Dragon. I was a bit torn on this because my initial inclination was to list Ninja Vengeance, as Ninja Vengeance is probably the worst martial arts movie I’ve ever seen. However, the question at hand isn’t “what’s the worst martial arts movie you’ve seen, it’s “what’s your least favorite”, similar perhaps, but fundamentally not necessarily the same. While it’s true that Ninja Vengeance is a godawful movie, it’s at least entertaining in just how bad it is, for me, that’s not the case with Rivals of the Dragon. Whereas N.V. is terrible, it isn’t necessarily trying to be, it just is, and as such you can laugh at it like you’d laugh at a video of someone trying to do a trick on a skateboard and instead falling and getting hit in the nuts. Rivals of the Dragon on the other hand is bad and my guess is it knows it full well. The martial arts featured are largely paltry at best, and the story is….well honestly calling it a story is almost insulting to any other stories ever! It’s terrible and disjointed, the characters suck because there’s no one to root for in any seriousness, and the production value is almost nonexistent. All these things however I could potentially overlook (not the martial arts though, that’s unforgivable), were it not for the incredibly bad comedy that irradiates from this thing like uranium 253. It’s TERRIBLE, I’m all for kung fu comedies but this is neither, and I understand that the comedy featured was designed for people from a different country and from a different time, but…UGH!!! It’s SOOOOO bad! If the martial arts had at least been up to par you could have taken away that much but it’s just so weak all around. The really sad thing is if it were cast in the right light you could almost call it a parody, but it’s not and so it’s just awful. Watching Rivals of the Dragon for me is like watching a 5th rate comedian do his act, he knows he sucks but he’s gotta get paid so he goes out there and gives it his best anyway, unfortunately his best makes you want to feed you hand into a blender just to numb the pain. And because he knows that he’s terrible you can’t even enjoy it for how bad it is, it’s just sad and annoying, and you just want him to shut up and never get back on stage again.

  15. My least favorite movie had to Double Team. Not only did my favorite director(Tsui Hark) make this abomination, but it had an extra roided up Mikey Rouke and Dennis Rodman of all people’s. Plus waay too much wire work, and that whole tiger fighting scene with the terrible CGI just killed it, an me. So yeah, Double Team=abomination. Lol!

  16. My least favorite martial arts movie has to be Double Impact. It was just way to slow and boring for my taste.

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