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Congrats to Dan

Dan has one week to respond (12-9-13). If no response another contestant will be selected.


Until next time Folks. Maybe in another week or 2



Hello Reader: It’s that Time of the..of the Month? will be giving away a cool movie. A great film from a great company, The Criterion Collection’s The Uninvited (Blu-Ray) is up for grabs. Check below to learn how to enter.

Here is SRF Ninja to show its real.


Giveaway November 2013

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How to Enter Giveaway:

Answer the Question  below in this article (No wrong answer) Just scroll to bottom and enter your answer in the comment box.

QWhat are your top 3 films from the Criterion Collection? – or – (If you don’t own any) What are your top 3 films that Involve a Ghost?


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Who Wins and When:

  • One Winner will be randomly chosen by a name selector
  • Contest ends in 2 weeks on November 30 2013 5 pm ET


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  • Winner must email a photo with winnings to show that this Giveaway is real. (Recent Winners are below) and will be posted [Here]
  • USA resident only –  Sorry world maybe next time
  • If no response from winner within 7 days a new winner will be selected. (Make sure you use an email address you monitor daily)
  • One entry per person
  • Shipping is free

By Masked Avenger

CEO/Webmaster of The Name Is James and I love Film ranging from Silent 20's to highly CGI Blockbusters of today. Westerns, Horror, world film, basically anything that peaks my interest I own it But Asian Films are what I Prize the most and Half of My collection Consists of Asian Films. Thanks to the Film 5 Deadly Venoms I Hail From The US, Maryland Is where The Ninja Studies and views the Scrolls of Film That Shine on his 46" Screen. I own a sword, I can do a thousand upside down situps, and I randomly disappear in smoke when I'm not writing movie news and or reviews.

13 thoughts on “Giveaway November 2013: The Uninvited – Closed – Winner Selected”
  1. I own AND love:

    Dazed and Confused
    The Last Days of Disco
    Wings of Desire

    And…for honorable mention because I hated to put it below my top 3: The Seventh Seal

    1. hey I like Ghost as well lol…I even tear up a couple times …what can I say I’m a sensitive guy or a guy who gets to involved in the film haha

  2. Here are my top 3 Criterion titles to date:

    1) Pierre Étaix
    You know that Criterion means business when they introduce a long-overlooked comedian-filmmaker to the world. If you’ve never seen any of Etaix’s films, picture his comedic style as a mix between Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton.

    2) World on a Wire (Welt Am Draht)
    If you’ve seen Inception and/or The Matrix, know that Fassbinder’s two-part TV miniseries is, in my opinion, a superior precursor to those films; it’s easy to comprehend, less confusing, and yet it’s often trippy. I guarantee that you’ll have quite a time in the rabbit hole.

    3) Anything by Charlie Chaplin
    What is it about the great Chaplin that hasn’t already been said? At least it’s good to know that Criterion is doing him justice right now.

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