Tobe Hooper’s sci-fi thriller Lifeforce (1985) gets the Blu-Ray treatment.

Scream Factory will be releasing this title on June 18 2013 on Blu-Ray and will have a reversible  insert with their new Collector’s Edition cover art or you can reverse it and display the original theatrical artwork (pics below) You can pre-order on Amazon [Here]

I like that idea and the artwork isn’t bad but I like the Photo above more and even more so that photo above is a SteelBook Edition. Me want!

The SteelBook Edition of Lifeforce is being released by Arrow Video and they are based in the UK. They do ship world-wide but the film will be in PAL format.  No word on the release date on the SteelBook edition for the lucky UK-based fans.

Lifeforce stars Steve Railsback, Mathilda May, and Peter Firth.

Plot: A joint Anglo-American mission headed by Commander Tom Carlsen (Railsback) explores an alien spacehip discovered inside Haley’s Comet and finds a trio of naked slumbering humanoid aliens. When they wake up, the aliens make quick work of Carlsen’s team, sucking the lifeforce from their unsuspecting bodies, and are soon charting the course back to Earth ready to take on the general population. Carlsen does his best to stop the invasion, but in no time at all London is placed at the wandering mercy of beautiful naked vampire space lady (May) who has no moral compunction about either mass slaughter or her own state of constant undress.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFBKor9CMS8&feature=youtu.be]
Original theatrical artwork
Collector’s Edition cover art
 Scream Factory Collector’s Edition Lifeforce contents
Bundle Contains:

  • Lifeforce: Lifeforce [Collector’s Edition]
  • Lifeforce: Lifeforce Poster
Bonus Features:

  • Both Theatrical & International Versions
  • Audio Commentary with Director Tobe Hooper
  • All New Retrospective with Cast & Crew including Star Steve Railsback, Director Tobe Hooper and others!
  • Original “Making-Of Lifeforce” Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Still Gallery
  • And more to be announced!
Discs: 2Format: NTSC
Color: Color
Rating: RAspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Language: English

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2 thoughts on “Lifeforce comes to Blu-Ray – Cool Cover Inside”
  1. Hi James,
    >> “The SteelBook Edition of Lifeforce is being released by Arrow Video and they are based in the UK. They do ship world-wide but the film will be in PAL format.”

    PAL is a standard-def format, and in fact there is no 50hz or PAL-centric video on the disc. Like nearly all UK Blu-rays, Lifeforce is in the original frame rate of ~24fps.

    It is however locked to Region B.

    1. hey thanks for the comment. Yea I found that out some time ago on HiDEFNINJA.com. The Steelbook looks great and was sold by Zavvi.com. I will have to make due with the shout! factory version.

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