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50 Movies That Need To Be Released on Blu-Ray: Update

50 films that need blu updateO My we finally see some Blu at the end of the tunnel. Yes Yes its been some time since I wrote this Article full of 50 plus films that needs a Blu-Ray Release. In fact its been almost 2 years. Within that two years some movies that were needed in my opinion to get the Blu-Ray Treatment have. Granted it’s not a lot but its some. So check the list out below and buy them….You know I did.  Click the photos or text to go to Amazon.

1: Kindergarten Cop
2: Scanners

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3: Ghostbusters 2



4: Lionheart



5: Eraserhead




6: Hidden Fortress




7: Weekend at Bernie’s




8: Foxy Brown




9: Revenge of the Nerds




10: The Last Dragon


11: Men at Work




12: The Jungle Book




13: 101 Dalmatians




14: Aladdin


15: Mr Smith Goes to Washington




16: It Happened One Night




17: Kingpin




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OK so we have 17 out of 70 movies I listed which is pretty low. I hope in another 2 years this entire list will be released on Blu-Ray. With that said maybe in a year or two I will write another update page but in the mean time I just might write another 50 Films that Need the Blu-Ray Treatment.  Thanks for reading and supporting are site, don’t forget you can comment and push movies you would like to see on Blu-Ray or just rant about my article.



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