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Arrow Video Heads To USA To Drop Blu-Rays You Want

hqdefaultBig News for Movie Collectors Like myself, Arrow Video will Be Heading to USA  to Distribute Film on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Arrow Video is like a mix of Criterion, Scream Factory, and Kino releasing Classic Old films to Asian films to Horror and not only that They Releases some of their Films in Limited edition Steelbooks In the UK Market. But Now us Americans will get a taste of what Arrow Video Releases as they will be Dropping a bunch of films in the US. OOOH Yea, and You know I have them all on Pre-order now including the Steelbook they will be releasing on Amazon

As of right now Arrow Video Doesn’t have a Website for the US Market just yet but Don’t worry Collectors as they will be selling Movies on Amazon Which you can go and Pre-Order Now.

13 Movies as of Right now can be pre-ordered. Prices are at $39.99 but don’t worry they will drop near release day like some have already to the $25 mark. Films in this list are some classics like some Miike Takashi films, Japanese gangster films, Lee Van Cleef, Meiko Kaji…and speaking of Meiko Kaji I hope Arrow Releases the Lady Snowblood Double film set here like they did in  The UK in a Steelbook Collection Edition which I have but can’t watch because I can’t Play Region B Blu-Rays. AHHHH

Any Who you can check below on the films that you can pre-order in the US via amazon. Before I let you guys go I have to say with Exciting news is that Soreelflix will be doing Movie Reviews For Arrow and I cant wait to share with you guys what I think of the film, the art and how the movies look on Blu-Ray before they release.

Here is a List of films they will be releasing and some of them can be pre-ordered.

Product Details
Product Details

March 17March 24March 31April 7


Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Retaliation (Blu-ray)
April 14April 14April 21May 12


Society (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art
Island of Death (Blu-ray)




May 19May 26June 16June 23



June 9
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