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Mel Brooks The Producers will be Getting The Blu-Ray Treatment – Come Find Out More About Here

The Producers Banner srfMel Brooks Fans Get ready For The Producers (1968) as it Gets the Blu-Ray Treatment, Thanks to Shout! Factory. No art work has been release as in we don’t know what the Blu-Ray cover will look like  but the cool thing is its ready for Pre-Order at Amazon [Here]

I can’t wait As I’m a big Mel Brooks fan and also a big Gene Wilder Fan. The Producers can be yours on July 2 2013

The Producers stars Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, and Dick Shawn

Plot: Mel Brooks’s directorial debut remains both a career high point and a classic show business farce. Hinging on a crafty plot premise, which in turn unleashes a joyously insane onstage spoof, The Producers is powered by a clutch of over-the-top performances, capped by the odd couple pairing of the late Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, making his screen debut.

Mostel is Max Bialystock, a gone-to-seed Broadway producer who spends his days wheedling checks from his “investors,” elderly women for whom Bialystock is only too willing to provide company. When wide-eyed auditor Leo Bloom (Wilder) comes to check the books, he unwittingly inspires the wild-eyed Max to hatch a sure-fire plan: sell 25,000 percent of his next show, produce a deliberate flop, then abscond with the proceeds. Unfortunately for the producers (but fortunately for us), their candidate for failure is Springtime for Hitler, a Brooksian conceit that envisions what Goebbels might have accomplished with a little help from Busby Berkeley.

No HD Trailers yet and from the looks of the film needs a lot of work. Cant wait to see what Shout! can do for this film by restoring/ remastering it for Blu-Ray.

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