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New Pre-Orders on Amazon – Im Getting Some are You

2 cool pre-orders just hit Amazon

Evil Dead (2013)  just came to the big screen a few weeks ago and now its ready for you buy to see on the small screen. Also Disney Will be releasing for the first time on Blu-Ray a few titles as well, all can be viewed below and don’t for get to pre-order so you can get the lowest possible price on release day.

P.S. Better get the Disney Films Why you can they go out of print fast and then you will have to spend a lot for the title you want. I just sold 2 copies of Pinocchio for $55 Each

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Product Details
Product Details
Product Details

Evil Dead

Pre-Order: $35.99 $25.19 Blu-ray

Marathon Man [Blu-ray]

Starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, Marthe Keller 

Pre-Order: $19.98 $13.99

The Guillotines [Blu-ray]

Starring Zhang Wen, Xiaoming Huang, Shawn Yue and Yuchun Li

Pre-Order: $29.98 $24.99
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details

Robin Hood: 40th Anniversary Edition

Starring Brian Bedford, Pat Buttram, Andy Devine and Monica Evans (1973)

Pre-Order: $36.99 $24.96

The Sword in the Stone (50th Anniversary Edition)

Starring Ricky Sorenson, Karl Swenson, Norman Alden, et al. (1963)

Pre-Order: $36.99 $24.96

Peter Pan Return to Neverland: Special Edition

Starring Blayne Weaver, Corey Burton, Kath Soucie and Harriet Owen (2002)

Pre-Order: $36.99 $24.96
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  1. Evil Dead was ok but the rest, I dont think i’ll bother with!

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