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Review: Steelbook Central’s Protective Steelbook Sleeves

SBC Protective Sleeve ReviewHello Reader! Are we a steelbook collector? How about protecting those steelbooks so they don’t lose value? This one is for you so check below.

Steelbook has sent 3 types of Sleeves for SRF Ninja to review. HE demonstrates  the strength and durability of the sleeves in a Video that can be found a few lines below.

The 3 types of Sleeve reviewed are

  1. SC1
    The Sleeve is opened on both sides leaving the top, bottom and front, back protected. Making the spine and steelbook opening area exposed.
  2. SC2
    The Sleeve is just like most with all areas protected except its spine.Both SC1 and SC2 are similar in sizes and thicknesses. From the testin the video below an unopened steelbook with JCard and plastic wrapping cannot fit in these 2 sleeves. The steelbooks are from Zavvi. Opened steelbooks fit snug but not to snug as they are easy to get in and out of sleeves.
  3. SCF1
    The sleeve is fully inclosed protecting all areas of the steelbook and with the openings at the bottom and top to slide the steelbook in and then both can be closed.
    The Sleeve is the same material the same quality as the other 2 sleeves BUT… You can fit an Unopened Steelbook with JCard and plastic wrapping in side the sleeve which makes this sleeve the best around for protecting those steelbooks and or steelbooks that you prize the most and don’t plan on taking out of the sleeve constantly. The unopened steelbook fits snug but not to snug as it is easy to get in and out of sleeve

The pricing for the sleeves and shipping varies on your location. Of course the sleeves are the same price every where but shipping will change in price. UK gets free shipping. Europe and Europe express is less expensive than shipping world-wide and of course shipping to the rest of the world is the most expensive. They also have express shipping world-wide as well if you want your product to get to you faster.

The photo represents shipping prices world-wide airmail which is the cheapest for shipping world-wide and prices have been converted from British pound to the US Dollar

Shipping Prices
With every purchased made at Steelbook central you will gain loyalty points which can be saved and used for discounts on future purchases Readers can get a 10% discount by using this code –  598771
The code is good through May

Check out the review by SRF Ninja who states almost everything post here but also demonstrates and performs tests to the sleeves and also showcases a closer look of the sleeves.

Review: Steelbook Central’s Protective Steelbook Sleeves


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