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Want Top Buy Shaw Brothers DVDs? Check this out



Shaw Brothers Movies are getting hard to find. Yes There are USA Distributors releasing them but it’s not a lot. Yes you can buy Bootlegs but its a wast of money if you can get Legal import copy’s from Deltamac and IVL with better PQ. They Provide good Picture quality granted you wont get English dubed Audio and are presented in wide-screen. They are out of print so once they are gone….that’s it until we see some one else pick up the titles and distributes them.

I’ve Bought around 8 films within 3 purchases from A friend who sells Deltamac and IVL Shaw Brothers. He is well rated, fast shipping, free in the USA and ships world-wide. He also takes good care of the package so you wont have to worry about damaged goods, and I recommended dvdetective. I will stay watching and waiting for other titles

dvdetective has 100% good rating out of thousand of transactions.

Interested? He has around 12 or so shaw films left maybe a little more so go check it out before they are gone. Or I buy more lol

Warning – They are all imports and are region 3. You will need an all region DVD player to play them

Click the photo below to go to his ebay.
If you buy please let me know what you think. My recent transactions were great and he is a cool guy to talk too.

buy shaw films-ebay2


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  1. Yes i agree dvddetective is a relaible source ,he offers top quality .i bought a couple of times Iam very happy with the dvds,last time i bought 2 rare oop jackie chan Japan versions for my brother he even gave me a discount ,very nice guy i Will buy again if he brings more tate Jackie’s in the future ,greetings from holland

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