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Review – Bruce Lee: Tracking the Dragon (MVDvisual)

lee-bruce-tracking-the-dragonBruce Lee: Tracking the Dragon

3.5 starsFormat: DVD
Starring: Bruce Lee, John LittleDirected: John Little
Disc Released: October 25, 2016
Run Time: 101 Minutes
Studio: MVDvisual




Bruce Lee expert John Little (A Warrior’s Journey) tracks down the actual locations of some of Bruce Lee’s most iconic action scenes. Many of these sites remain largely unchanged nearly half a century later. At monasteries, ice factories, and on urban streets, Little explores the real life settings of Lee’s legendary career. This film builds on Little’s earlier short, Pursuit of the Dragon, to present a comprehensive view of Lee’s work that will change the way you see the films. In such pivotal films as “The Big Boss,” “Fist of Fury,” “The Way of the Dragon” and “Enter the Dragon”, Lee staged the elaborately choreographed action sequences that revolutionized the martial arts field. They took on a mythic status and it is mindboggling to see how he expertly built traditional locations into his story lines to give them added dimension. No one has ever taken on the task of finding what remains of this Bruce Lee’s world. The revelations are nothing short of astounding for fans of Bruce Lee, martial arts, and action movies.


My Thoughts:

Bruce Lee: Tracking the Dragon is a Documentary of the Iconic Locations from Bruce lee’s films. Not only do we see the history and the spots where Bruce was filming but we also get to see other places Bruce was hanging around like the rooftop where he fought a Kid before leaving to America and other places not associated with his films. Mixed with Clips of his films and showcasing the location in the films the documentary then showcases the location at what it looks like today. We also see a few spots where they held meetings and where Golden Harvest was at but now is just a Hotel of sorts.

The Documentary is not filled with interviews just mainly showcasing locations we have seen in his films. We do get one small interview with a former employee of Golden Harvest trying show us where The Building use to be. The Documentary is interested and very different from other Bruce Lee Docu’s.

Overall the Docu was a good viewing, learning the locations of the shots used in Bruce’s Films and some of the history behind it. I Say Give it a go if your interested in what the locations look like and or a Bruce Lee Completest.

With that said I give this Docu a 3.5 out of. I Wish we had more interviews and a tad more knowledge on his Childhood spots and life growing up.


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