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Review: Child Eater

Child Eater

Starring: Brandon Smalls, Dave Klasko, James Wilcox, Melinda Chilton, Jason Martin, Colin Critchley Cait Bliss
Directed: Erlingur Thoroddsen
Studio: Child Eater Productions
Format:  DVD
Disc Release Date: February 28, 2017


A babysitter. A missing kid. A local legend who feasts on the eyes of children. CHILD EATER is a nightmarish roller-coaster ride of a horror movie inspired by the fantastical tone of the 1980s. When little Lucas goes missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night, his babysitter Helen ventures out into the deep, dark woods armed only with a flashlight and a fierce determination to find him.


My Thoughts:

Child Eater is a Horror film dealing with a creature that likes eating eyes. The film kind of has that Jeepers Creepers vibe with the creature but not as scary. The title of the film doesn’t fit all that well as it’s not about eating kids and or kids yes. But the title is cool but would fit a different horror film. Child eater does have all the Horror elements that we all have seen before and the jumpy parts are slim and not very shocking. Upside is the creature is humanoid but does look cool with the sun glasses.

The story is decent but could use better back story on the creature we could also use more screen time with it too. Acting is Good not great, and we do get some gore. Score wise it sounds creepy and fun, Picture quality is OK for DVD but watch with the lights off as the film is mostly dark. With only an hour and twenty min run time the film lacks some and wish it was longer to explain the creature more. Get more into the Kid at the start who now is a crazy later 25 years later.

Overall the film was a decent watch, not a bad film and an OK horror film that is more creepy than Jumpy. Add more gore make the jumpy scenes jumpy, more back story on the creature and the crazy lady and It would be more interesting. It has its ups and downs but still its worth the view.

With that said I give Child Eater a 3 out of 5. Maybe a miss for some but I feel it will be a decent film for most. Don’t go in thinking it will be great but just decent and you will be fine. Give it a shot, Pick it up or wait until hit Netflix.


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