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Review: Killing Jimmy Hoffa (MVDvisual)

Killing Jimmy Hoffa
Killing Jimmy Hoffa - srf
4 stars

Starring:Al Profit, Scott Burnstein, Dan Moldea, George Anastasia

Directed: Al Profit

Release Date: July 21, 2015

Run Time: 80 Minutes

Format: DVD Color: Color

English Subtitles: English

Distributor: MVDvisual


Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is one of the great crimes of the century. Despite a massive Federal investigation spanning 4 decades and hundreds of suspects, only the general contours of the crime are known. In the American mythology Hoffa is both hero and villain; a self-made man who ran the nation’s largest union and was so beloved by the rank and file Teamsters he represented that they supported him as union president even as he served time in prison. Hoffa’s name is synonymous with corruption thanks to Bobby Kennedy’s campaign against him, but the truth is much more complex. Hoffa’s glory years coincided with the golden age of the Union movement and the American economy; he also was enmeshed in the Machiavellian world of organized crime. “Killing Jimmy Hoffa” tells the whole story for the first time, using exclusive interviews, never before seen news footage and photographs, and revealing the real story of the day he died.- MVDvisual


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Theatrical release Date:
Blu-Ray Disc release Date: July 27, 2015 (USA)



My Thoughts

Killing Jimmy Hoffa is an Hour and 20 Minute Documentary on the man Himself. Personally I Never seen any Documentary on Jimmy Hoffa just on the long hunt on finding his body which personally I feel was destroyed, Burned or made sausages out of which those are a few options this Documentary go’s into.

The Docu is informative in telling the Life that was once Jimmy Hoffa where they dove into to some childhood things all the way to the manhunt for the body. For me I learned a few things and how corrupt this guy was and his dealing with the Mob. This Docu also digs into the killing of JFK and how it was MOB related with Jimmy Hoffa the guy pulling off the set up due to the Dealings he had with John Kennedy’s Brother. We also see how Nixon Releases Jimmy thanks to the cash dropped on Campaigning curtsey to the teamsters and Mobsters.

We get a lot of Probably’s in this Docu as well and of course we are since Jimmy has never been found but we also get just hearsay on other portions of Jimmy’s life. We also get to see how Jimmy was in the front line with the Mob when the Government wanted to whack Fidel Castro. As we scoot past what the this Documented is about, let’s get into if I liked it. Well I did, Why? I learned a lot on Who Jimmy was as Never knew about his life and feel this docu is informative but also a lot of just hearsay and opinions. I wish we could have leaned into more of Jimmy’s upbringing. We get lots of photos and Videos of Jimmy along with other mobsters and teamsters.

The weird thing for me was the guys talking about Jimmy and not what they were saying but what threw me off was all the green I was seeing. Were they Using green lights to help put light on the guys talking or did they use a green screen and place a black background behind them? Why not go with a black background in the first place so we don’t get the green hair and green around the hands when they are moving.

Overall I like the Documentary besides some filming choices with backgrounds. I learned, I wondered, I made my own opinions and gosh darnit I’m a Ninja…So Not needed that last part I spewed lol.

With that said I give Killing Jimmy Hoffa a 4 out of 5. Check it out if interested on learning more on this subject that is Jimmy Hoffa. By The Way, this Documentary might have shown where Jimmy is at. You just have to view to see if I’m Lying.



Rating – 5 Star System


4 stars

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