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Review: Night of the Living Dead (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Night of the Living Dead


Starring: Judith O’Dea, Duane Jones
Directed: George A Romero
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: October 3, 2017



The nation is overcome with panic as all of the dead suddenly come back to life, searching for human flesh to devour. A group of individuals searching for safety are followed on their journey to an abandoned farmhouse in attempts to remain protected, but their attempt begin to dissipate as zombies find their way inside.


My Review:

Night of the Living Dead is a Black and White Horror Zombie Film. The Original and first from George A Romero Zombie horror. The camera follows a few trapped people in a house but be for hand we have are first sighting of the living dead as he kills Barbra’s Brother. She escapes and runs into a house followed by Ben another person on the run from these brain eaters. After killing a few and boarding up the house a group people come out of the cellar to see what happened. Here is where to movie dives into Human condition and how humans get along with each other,  through out we have arguments about where is the best place for protection. Zombies fill the grounds outside. Do are survivors inside make it?

The film was a good watch. It’s not your gory eating brain zombies that we are used to but its the idea that made it all happen. Here the zombies don’t look gory they also are not all that slow and they also use tools. Story wise its a good follow. As for gore we do get some as in a corpse or two. Acting wise its OK. This is the Original film and Not the remake from the 90’s.

Overall the film is a much watch for Zombie fans to see where it all comes from the mind of George A Romero in the 60’s. Mostly we do get a Blu-Ray but it’s not the best with it only being a step up from dvd leaving all the film reel artifacts in play. But for the Price Mill Creek’s copy still a good deal if you in need of a fix. We should be getting a clean remastered Blu-Ray in a year or two from Criterion and more importantly will see Extras. We have none here…Just English Subtitles. It is better looking then my DVD copy but This version isn’t super sharp and even soft at times with whites being blown out and blacks not super dark. $8 is the price. All you need to ask your self if its worth it to you and if your willing to double dip and or wait a year or two or if even Criterion Does release this title.

The film in itself is a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I Say if you want to view the film pick it up now…$8 not bad. I Will also be picking up the Remastered release from Criterion. I Really want to see some extras. If it does ever get released by them.



  • English Subtitles

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