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Review: Psycho Cop Returns (Vinegar Syndrome)

Psycho Cop Returns

Starring: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Miles Dougal, Rod Sweitzer, Nick Vallelonga
Directed: Adam Rifkin
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: April 25, 2017



Officer Joe Vickers (Robert R. Shafer) is the meanest and deadliest cop in LA, leaving behind a never-ending stream of bloodied bodies, in the name of justice. The fact that he also happens to be a Satan worshiping member of the undead doesn’t help much either. After overhearing some office workers discussing a secret drug and sex filled after-hours party they’re planning to host that night, Vickers decides to take the law into his own hands, disposing of the rebel rousers in a series of gruesome ways. Will the hapless partiers be able to outsmart and survive his brutal tactics before the night is through?

Outrageously gory, nudity filled, and bitingly funny, director Adam Rifkin’s (Detroit Rock City) no-holds-barred slasher/comedy classic, PSYCHO COP RETURNS, moves gleefully between blood drenched killings and sex comedy antics, resulting in a 90s exploitation gem unlike any other. Only briefly available in its uncut form, Vinegar Syndrome brings this gleefully absurd sleaze masterpiece to Blu-ray in a brand new and fully uncensored director approved 2k restoration!


My Review:

Psycho Cop Returns is a low-budget Horror film dealing with a Psychopath cop whom goes after and kills most of the office party goers. A Few Office workers decide to throw a bachelors party for their friend who is getting married with booze, weed which gets thrown out and strippers. The Satanist cop was having a nice breakfast and over heard these two office workers talking about the party. He later than stalks them to the office building and of course later in the day when their party was going down enters and starts taking out the party goers.

The movie is Just OK, it’s a Movie that’s bad but also brings the entertainment value. Full of one liners, Nudity, sex, and a few kills we only get some gore. We needed more gore. The acting is not that great but not as bad as other things I’ve seen. This sequel has great looking Picture Quality on Blu-Ray and the sound is good too. If your interested in this film pick the Blu-Ray up for how good it looks.

Over all the film was OK not good, on the bad side but its a bad film that is still entertaining. With a short run time the film doesn’t drag out. I just wish we had more kills and more gore.

With that said I give Psycho Cop Returns a 2.5 out of 5 which is above the average ratings for the film. Those who like the film are those who do enjoy a good bad movie every now and again. If that’s you, check this one out.



Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
2. Commentary track with Director Adam Rifkin
3. “Habeas Corpus” – a 43 minute documentary on the making of PSYCHO COP RETURNS, featuring brand new interviews with: Adam Rifkin (Director), Robert R. Shafer (Lead Actor), Dan Povenmire (Screenwriter), Peter Schink (Editor), Miles Dougal (Co-Star), Rod Sweitzer (Co-Star), Nick Vallelonga (Co-Star), Barbara Niven (Co-Star) and Melanie Good (Co-Star)
4. “The Victims of Vickers” – featurette with SFX Artist Mike Tristano
5. Cover artwork by Chris Garofalo
6. Reversible cover artwork
7. English SDH Subtitles


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