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Review: Satan’s Blade (Arrow Video UK)

Satan’s Blade
2 stars
Starring: Tom Bongiorno, Stephanie Leigh Steele, Thomas Cue

Directed: L. Scott Jr. Castillo

UK Release Date: July 11, 2016

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Format: Blu-Ray    Color: Color

Audio: English   Subtitles:

Region: 2/B

Distributor: Arrow Video



One of the lesser known entries in the annals of the ’80s slasher film, Satan’s Blade is an eerie slice of US regional terror ripe for rediscovery by horror fans.

Arriving at a snow-capped mountain resort, a group of youngsters are met by the news that a double-murder has taken place there the previous night. Despite this grisly revelation, they decide to stay on, unaware of the knife-wielding figure stalking the wintry landscape… Could the local legend of an ungodly mountain man with a grudge against outsiders have some truth in it?

Shot in Big Bear, California in 1980 but not released until 1984, L. Scott Castillo, Jr.’s Satan’s Blade overcomes the limitations of its shoestring budget with a game cast and all-pervasive, creepy atmosphere – key to which is a freakish nightmare sequence that’s sure to inspire more than a few sleepless nights.

Note: Equipment used to watch the film can be found below

Theatrical release Date: August 1988 (Germany)
UK Disc release Date: July 11, 2016 (UK)
    • Brand new 2K restoration of the film presented in both 4:3 (1.37:1) and 1.85:1 versions
    • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
    • Original Mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
    • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
    • Brand new audio commentary by podcast The Hysteria Continues
    • Interview with writer-director L. Scott Castillo, Jr.
    • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin
    • Fully-illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Brian Albright, author of Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990


My Thoughts


May Contain some Spoilers.

Satan’s Blade is a Slasher B Horror Film Filled with Bad acting, Blood, and Nudity. Story wise we are looking at a Tale of a Legend come back to hunt us or should I say those who stay at this cabin. A Knife with so much power to take over a soul to commit murder. As that is what I gather by the weird ending scene.

Story Wise at first I was thinking this was going to be a Female team going around killing folks which would have been super awesome. What we get is an Opening scene with a Bank robbery committed by unknown persons as the camera is focused purely on the hands and feet of are killers as it does throughout the film. Of course I gave away who they are (Two Females) But the their story line is ended in a plot-line that runs along with The Jokers Bank Heist scene in the Dark Knight. We are quickly turned towards a story line that runs with a Plot that Revolves around some Spooky Legend about the deaths and the deaths before and the deaths to come. Some Dumb chicks and a few guys rent two cabins in this area right after the murders and in fact blood still stains the wall. The story takes of from here where we do not get any more references of the story of the legend but we are bombarded with scenes filled with not so good acting. Of Course the slashing starts up again.

The story was OK but man I wish they would have ran with the chicks at the start. Some make a film like that. A Female team brutally killing others filled with gore and Nudity and senseless repented stabbings. The Ending was a left turn and felt weird but gives you the whole Legend of Satan’s Blade sort of. Acting was not great and the editing of the film needs a lot of work on tightening up cuts. But hey this is a guy who wanted to make a movie, its his first and had no experience in this line of work so I give some leeway. The Horror, Slashing and gore was fun, with repeated stabbings and blood flinging to walls. We also have some decent amount of topples chicks.

Overall the film was just OK for me and perhaps a one time viewing. It has a following but it also has a lot of not so good reviews so they are all over the place. But hey I see a story that might have inspired some story lines in other films like The Dark Knight and portions of Deputy Doofy form Scary Movie.

With that said I give Satan’s Blade a 2 out of 5. I was a bit disappointing when the story I wanted was killed off at the start but what does hold its value is the slashing portions of the film. The thing that holds this film back for me the most was the acting right next to some bad editing. More Slasher, blood, topless chicks, less dialogue and I feel I would have enjoyed the film more, granted I was a little on the edge of my seat at a time or two during the Knifing. Pick it up if you enjoy B Horror Slashers.

This is a Rare movie and its available to pick up From Arrow Video UK of from Olive here in the states. Arrow definitely has an upper hand with a but better transfer, Artwork and Special Features. The UK Version is Region 2/B Only so if No Region Free player you will have to pick up the Olive release which I will post both releases below.


Rating – 5 Star System


2 stars


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