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Review: WTF! (Midnight Releasing)



Starring: Callie Ott, Nicolas James Reilly
Directed: Peter Herro
Studio: Midnight Releasing
Format:  Amazon Stream
Disc Release Date: August 1, 2017



Barely surviving a brutal massacre, that left her friends in pieces, Rachel has moved on with her life. She and her friends decide to into a secluded house for the best spring break of their lives, but as Rachel’s biggest fears become a reality once again, only one of them will be alive to post about it. Will Rachel survive another bloody massacre?


My Review:

WTF! Is a Low Budget Indie Slasher Horror with twists turns. A Group of college students take it to a home in the woods for a Party. The catch is one of the girls has had a bad time once….All her friends were killed before in this same situation and now she is trying to face her fear by going with her new friends into the woods at one of the friends dead uncle’s cabin. One by one the killing gets bloody, someone looses a Dick, another has his intestines pulled out. Who is doing this? The Dead Uncle, The creepy Gas Station Clerk? One of the Friends?

The Story is of course something we have seen before.. Young Adults looking to party head to cabin in woods, Stops at creepy gas stations along the way, cars are sabotaged, and a few plot holes. But what the difference is, are main lead played by Callie Ott has been through all of this horror before. She is a Victim of not one but two mass killings. Yes its low-budget but overall the shots and post production help the film be more gritty with depth thanks to proper color grading. We get good gore and a severed penis lies on the floor. Decent amount of Nudity and the Acting is OK but mainly the stand out for me was the lead. The film is not perfect. Story wise its just OK, we needed more B shots as scenes just seem to fast. All the kids are outside than inside and so-forth. Another thing we needed was a score. Not much of a score until the end. The ending comes fast and the killings are almost back to back. One Plot hole that will have viewers saying why is…Why the hell are they still in the house?

Overall the film was a decent watch, fun at times and I did enjoy Callie’s role. The opening scene was cool but I did want more of it, more blood more killings more…Boobs. The whole opening didn’t really connect to the film unless that killing was apart of the first Mass killings are lead went through. The film has a twist that twist twice and I did enjoy that. Of course I’m leaving out a few things like the flash forward scenes of are lead being asked questions on what happened and few pieces of the twists. Also Perez Hilton has a small part along with Shawn C Phillips.

With that said I give this film a 3 out of 5. I Say give it a shot. Run time is only 80 Minutes. If you like blood, Nudity, gruesome death scene and some plot holes that make you say WTF, you might enjoy it. Check it out on Amazon. It available no free for Prime members. Or you can rent of buy the digital copy.


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