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Review: Yor The Hunter from the Future (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Yor The Hunter from the Future


Starring: Reb Brown, Corinne Clery, John Steiner, Carole Andre, Luciano Pigozzi
Directed: Antonio Margheriti
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: January 16, 2018



It is before the dawn of time. Strange, savage beasts roam the earth, foraging for human flesh. Fierce tribesmen prey on the weak and innocent. Mystic sacrifices appease the gods. Yor (Reb Brown, Space Mutiny) is the mightiest warrior of his era. But his own past and true identity are shrouded in the mists of time. He knows he doesn’t belong in this world, but his only clues to the fleeting memories of his past are the gold medallion around his neck and the beautiful priestess held prisoner in a forbidden city. Armed to the teeth, Yor sets off on a quest, ready to blast away all manner of terrifying creatures along the way.


My Review:

Yor The Hunter from the Future is a Caveman Syfy action adventure film that follows a heroic guy whom he doesn’t know much about him self. His past was wiped out and now lives among the Neanderthal people saving tribes from Dinosaurs while searching for where he came from. Along the way a few ladies fall in love with him, a group of savages killed off a tribe and took all the woman .. he saves one and the an older guy who looks after her. Fast forward towards the end where it turns into a star wars film with laser gun battles and robots while all in the same time line.

The story was a fun follow even with its plot holes like what happened to all the women that were taken by the savages. Wasn’t Yor gonna save them? The film has some funny moments and I’m not sure its meant to be or it just might be. The film my be considered bad but for me its pure enjoyment. Who doesn’t want to see a he-man looking guy hand-gliding from the corpse of a giant bat? Towards the end you can tell they use action figures for this swinging stunt which cracked me up. Most of the time the film felt and looked like a Conan film, the last act hits and turns into a Star wars like film. I didn’t even Question the hows or where and what happened as the whole time I was just enjoying the film as a fun adventure film. Maybe the film is bad but bad its good. Acting wise it isn’t that bad, action was fun and even gets gory for a bit. We also get a small Nip slip.

Overall the film is a fun one. Not a great film but memorable. I say if you like genre blending adventure action with comedy that’s not meant to be comedy, I think you will find this one a good pick up

With that said I give this film a 4 out of 5 stars. You like it or you will hate it as most reviews go’s on this one. I Say pick it up and enjoy, Just have fun with it. Sadly I was hoping we had a sequel but nothing else was made. I would have bought it.



  • BRAND NEW audio commentary with star REB BROWN

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