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Martial Arts T Shirts at its Best – Soreelflix Approved

10615583_725775587458850_8830265869138062501_nI Normally Don’t Write up articles about shirts but hey! I have to give a Shout out on this one. I love Martial Arts Films and 5 Deadly Venom’s Is my Number 1 film as it open my eyes to  70’s Asian Cinema. Once I heard that A Friend was making a Design for shirts that involve the film, I knew It would be a day one buy for me. Now I have bought a few shirts from this Website and they fit and feel great while also looking nice.

Shaolin chamber 36 Is the place to go for great wear for there branding of 36 Styles. Now I’ve Known and have been a Member of the site before they created Shirts and I fully trust and recommend them.

Now with all that said, go and pick up the new Poison Clan Rocks the World T’s and check the other Designs they have for all your Martial Art Cinema Wear. They Make each Design not in just T Shirts but a wide verity of shirts like Sleeveless, long sleeve or Female Wear along with a big choice of colors.

Here is the Main 36 Styles portion of the site where you can choose which Style of  shirt you want, click the Style of shirt and it takes you to all the Designs.
Click here


Here is The Poison Clan Rocks the World T-Shirt

Click here (White Lettering)
Click here (Black Lettering)

Buy a few and support great art and don’t forget to wear it and show it off……

 “Wearing 36Styles Shirts doesn’t give you Martial Arts Skills so don’t attempt to do battle unless you know for sure you will win. One thing it will do is make you look good while Doing so – SRF Ninja


While we are on Subject

I Have Created As Instrumental Beat Tape paying homage to 5 Deadly Venoms called Poison Clan Rocks the World

You can D/L it for free to listen only. Media cannot be used for gain and or marketing in any way unless you contact me first.

Click Here

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CEO/Webmaster of The Name Is James and I love Film ranging from Silent 20's to highly CGI Blockbusters of today. Westerns, Horror, world film, basically anything that peaks my interest I own it But Asian Films are what I Prize the most and Half of My collection Consists of Asian Films. Thanks to the Film 5 Deadly Venoms

I Hail From The US, Maryland Is where The Ninja Studies and views the Scrolls of Film That Shine on his 46" Screen. I own a sword, I can do a thousand upside down situps, and I randomly disappear in smoke when I'm not writing movie news and or reviews.

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