Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai
Bushido The Cruel Code of the Samurai

Starring: Eijiro Tono, Kinnosuke Nakamura, Kyoko Kishida

Directed:  Tadashi Imai

Release Date:  April 28 1963

Run Time:  123 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles: English

Distributor: AnimEigo

Film Synopsis

Bushido, a.k.a. “The Way of the Warrior” is the chivalrous code of the samurai that has influenced the Japanese way-of-life for centuries. This epic film spans several generations of a typical samurai family, and illustrates the intricate system of loyalty, honor and sacrifice which bound the samurai in ages past, and which, in many ways, persists to this very day. – AnimEigo



Audio Format(s): Japanese
Subtitles: English

Audio is about the same as you get with all the older Samurai films in 2.0.  Like the other films from AnimEigo the sound has no extra noises or breaks like hissing or skipping.

Rating:3 stars


Disc Format: DVD-9
Video Aspect: 2.35:1

The PQ is just OK. The film is in black and white and the pq seems to be faded not like the newer releases from AnimEigo. The film does have lines and scratches popping up but barely visible. The weird thing about the film is …..it is in widescreen format but my copy the film isn’t directly centered leaving black side bars on the sides as well with the left bar bigger then the right side. You can check the photo below as I left the lights on as I took the photo so you can see my TV and View the position of the frame itself as well as PQ.
PQ = Picture Quality


Rating:2.5 stars


Theatrical release Date: April 28 1963

Disc release Date: February 9, 2010

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My Thoughts

One movie Seven Stories whats not to love about this film. Bushido spans 350 years in story and brings the good and the bad endings to each generation starting from Samurai to post war. The film has a little bit of every thing from action, drama, and some parts where i was laughing but I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be comedic. The story’s are cruel and some more than others, while showing you the way of Bushido displaying honor and loyalty even to the death of a warrior that probably didn’t deserve to lose his life.

I like the way the story is told running down a timeline of ones family showing 7 different life lines makes this enjoyable. Those that are fond of samurai films and Japanese cinema should give this a look. Its different and its refreshing from the normal samurai films.

Over all the film is good, maybe a little stretched out time wise but I enjoyed Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai and I give the film a 4 out of 5

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj2QqwqwdTs]


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