Commitment blu

Starring: Choi Seung-hyun, Han Ye-ri, Jo Sung-ha

Directed: Park Hong-soo

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Run Time: 113 Minutes

Format: Blu-Ray

Korean / Subtitles: English

Distributor: Well Go USA

Film Synopsis

After his father’s botched espionage mission, North Korean Myung-hoon (CHOI
Seung-hyun, aka T.O.P) and his young sister Hye-in (HAN Ye-ri) are sent to a labor prison camp. In order to save his sister’s life, Myung-hoon volunteers to become a spy and infiltrates the South as a teenage defector. – Well Go USA



Audio Format(s): Korean
Subtitles: English

Over all the film sounds great with great bass and realistic sounds like gun shots. No Complaints.

Rating:4.5 stars



Disc Format: Blu-Ray

The Picture Quality looks Pretty good, an over all darker film with colors that do pop. The film showcases great detail’s with pretty sharp images. Every pore is seen and flesh tones look on point. The blacks are black with no noise. Great job on this guys.


Rating:4.5 stars


Theatrical release Date: November 6, 2013 (South Korea)

Blu-Ray Disc release Date: March 11, 2014 (USA)

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My Thoughts

Commitment is an action, drama, spy, North vs south Korea where one guy gets trapped in between but as you know from the start its pretty much forced on him. The main lead actor did a real good job, his character is a spy hit-man from the north placed in the south where he try’s to maintain life quietly while at night completing missions. There is so much more to this but I don’t want to give anything away.

The good things are the action is fun and its good mix of hand to hand and some gun violence. Drama is mixed in but also daily life is also present. You get to see how things run in south Korea and in north Korea and the crazy thing is you see Dennis Rodman’s best friend take over in power in the north after his father died….First time I seen any thing like this in a movie involving south and north.

The Bad stuff – Main actor is pretty good at fighting but never know how he was trained, we just have to assume he was trained by the north after being imprisoned since he was a child due to his father (and I’m not saying more on that storyline). A little more back story would be cool. But over all I can’t really give any more bad things as I liked the film.

Over all the film is a great with cool action, hand to hand and shoot outs. The plot is a good storyline that I enjoyed. The weird thing the lead is a Rap/Pop Star in south Korea that Go’s by T.O.P real name Choi Seung-Hyun. He did a pretty good job acting.


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