Pit Stop
 Pit Stop - srf
4 stars

Starring: Sid Haig, Ellen Burstyn, Richard Davalos

Directed: Jack Hill

Release Date: June 23, 2015

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Format: Blu-Ray Color: B&W

English Subtitles: English

Distributor: Arrow Video / MVDvisuals



The most dangerous game ever devised, to pit man against man, flesh against steel – the figure-8 race! Jack Hill (Coffy, Foxy Brown) follows up Spider Baby, once again teaming up with Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses) in one of his greatest roles for this action-spectacular crash-o-rama!Richard Davalos (East of Eden) stars as Rick Bowman, a street punk who winds up in jail after a street race goes wrong.

Bailed out by race promoter Grant Willard, Davalos is put in the deadly track where he comes up against Haig’s maniacal winner Hawk Sidney. Featuring an outstanding supporting cast including Brian Donlevy (The Quatermass Xperiment) in his last film appearance, Ellen Burstyn, billed as Ellen McRae (The Exorcist) and Beverly Washburn (Spider Baby) Pit Stop is one of Hill’s lesser known films but arguably his greatest.

Filmed on a real figure-8 track, Hill and his crew were able to capture gripping real-life car wreck scenes lending the film a brilliant sense of realism. You’ve never seen a motion picture like this before – can you take it? – Arrow Video



Audio Language: English
Subtitles: English

The Sound Quality Presents no distortions and has a good sound for Mono.

Rating:4 stars


Picture Quality

Disc Format: Blu-Ray

The Picture Quality is good for Black and white but not Arrow’s best. Overall its sharp but could be sharper. I’m just nit-picking on that and the film does have its grain scratches and dirt to show it s shot on Film. I would say at times it could have been cleaned up a little more.

Rating:4 stars

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Theatrical release Date: May 14, 1969 (USA)
Blu-Ray Disc release Date: June 23, 2015 (USA)


  • New High Definition digital transfer supervised and approved by director Jack Hill
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation
  • Original mono 1.0 audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
  • New audio commentary with Jack Hill moderated by his biographer Calum Waddell
  • Crash and Burn! – Jack Hill on the making of Pit Stop
  • Drive Hard – actor Sid Haig speaks about his experience of acting in Pit Stop
  • Life in the Fast Lane – producer Roger Corman on the genesis of Pit Stop
  • Restoring Pit Stop – restoration demonstration by Technical Supervisor James White
  • Original trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jay Shaw
  • Collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Glenn Kenny and musicologist and writer Gray Newell on the film’s soundtrack, illustrated with original stills and artwork.
My Thoughts

Pit Stop is a fast passed racer that gets a little dangerous. The film opens up and has a feel of Fast and Furious with a street race for pink slips. The film moves on where street racing is obsolete and track racing is in full force with Figure 8 bang em up racing. The scenes get hectic at times with tons of crashes but all the shots are mostly close up shots that had me wishing they would have at least put in a shot or two of the full track.

The ending will showcase how The main Character will do anything along with his Backer who supply’s the Money. By saying this you wont know what happens but you will feel hateful like I did. Hero to Dick in 8 seconds but that life I Guess. The acting was pretty good, The main actor was gritty while still playing pretty boy but for me Beverly Washburn killed me with her Bubbly playful seductive vibe she gave off in her role. Loved her in Spider baby but love her even more here.

Overall the film was fun and had me going oh and ah during some of the crash scenes. The Story was good as well and feel any car film fan would enjoy this like I did. It had great acting, cool stunts, fast cars and Hot Chicks. Whats not to like?

With that said I give the film a 4 out 5 and I’m happy to have this one on my shelf. Go pick it up and give it a shot.



Rating – 5 Star System




4 stars

4 stars

4 stars


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