Shinsengumi Chronicles: I Want to Die A Samurai

Starring: Raizo Ichikawa, Tomisaburo Wakayama

Directed: Kenji Misumi

Release Date: 1963

Run Time:  93 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles:  English

Distributor: AnimEigo

Film Synopsis

This action-packed epic stars Ichikawa Raizo as a honest man who joins the Shinsengumi out of admiration for its leader, Isami KONDO (Tomisaburo Wakayama), and because he wants to die as a samurai. But as his involvement grows, reality and idealism come into deadly conflict.- AnimEigo



Audio Format(s): Japanese, Dolby Digital 2ch
Subtitles: English

The Audio is as good as most Dvds at 2ch. No loud hissing noises or any thing else that I can Hear.



Disc Format: DVD 9
Encoding: MPEG-2
Video Aspect: 2.35:1 Widescreen
Resolution 720 x 480

The PQ Is good for DVD but not as good as some of the newer films AnimEigo has put out. The film has noise but like most old films its really not to noticeable. The colors are ok and the blacks are ok as well. The pic looks good stretched out on my 46″ TV with no blurry faces or pixalations.



Theatrical release Date: January 3 1963

Disc release Date: November 9 2010

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My Thoughts

Its Sleepy Eyes Teaming up with the lone wolf in this great film. Yes both the characters arent in the film but the guys who play them are and both do a great job. The film has action spread thought out with the ending containing the bigger battle. There is blood and even an arm go’s Missing. The story is also great dealing with 2 sides who want to take each other out but with the good side there are a few hiccups to take care of first  before they can become great.

With a run time of 93 Minutes I feel this is perfect and makes the film great along with both Raizo Ichikawa and Tomisaburo Wakayama. It was a fun watch see those two meet and going back to back to take out the opposing clan.  Any fan of the  two actors should pick this film up, it’s a good watch. I also wanted to give credit to the Lady who plays Raizo’s Wife and or lover, She does a great job acting and would like to see if I can find more films with her in it. Her name is Shiho Fujimura and she has been in a bunch of films with Raizo Ichikawa and also starred in a few Zatoichi films as well.

I give this film a 4.5 out of 5


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