Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon
young detective dee

Starring: Mark Chao, William Feng, Angelababy, Carina Lau, Lin Gengxin

Directed: Tsui Hark

Release Date: February 11,2014

Run Time: 134 Minutes

Format: Blu-Ray

Mandarin / Subtitles: English

Distributor: Well Go USA

Film Synopsis

From legendary action director Tsui Hark and the creators of international smash hit DETECTIVE DEE: MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME comes the captivating tale of Dee Renjie’s beginnings in the Imperial police force. His very first case, investigating reports of a sea monster terrorizing the town, reveals a sinister conspiracy of treachery and betrayal, leading to the highest reaches of the Imperial family. – Well Go USA



Audio Format(s): Mandarin
Subtitles: English

Audio sounds great with good low end and the score fit the film as well. Nothing to complain about.

Rating:4.5 stars


Disc Format: Blu-Ray

Over the Quality of the film as in the way it looks…Is great. Colors pop like eye candy deep colors and blacks. Majority of the CGI was good at some points it could have been better.



Theatrical release Date: September 26-28 2013 (Hong Kong/USA)

Blu-Ray Disc release Date: February 11,2014 (USA)

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My Thoughts

The Sequel or shall I say Prequel To DETECTIVE DEE: MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME is on the same level as its first. Tsui Hark brings that wacky and or crazy wire work mixed with CGI and some cool action scenes. If you enjoyed the first film (like Me) you will enjoy this one for sure.

The film has good action scenes and a good story line that makes you think. Just like the first film it reminds you of the latest Sherlock Holmes films with its detective angles and foresight of the main lead, but with a fantasy twist with actors flying around with swords in impossible movements. Some may not like this but hey, that’s part of the film…its a fantasy film.

The downsides – For me there’s not a lot but I would say I wish the CGI could look more realistic, and granted I made a point of this being a fantasy film, I didn’t like the Horse that can swim under water too much. The time frame of the film for me was ok as I did get lost in the film meaning I was all in the film and nothing else took my attention away. One other downside is at the beginning for me the talking was to fast and the subtitles were running fast, so I would miss a few words. Also some times the subs will get lost in the surroundings.

Over all I enjoyed the film and feel it brings a refresh for me as this is fantasy and i can just let my imagination run and not say …hey that can’t happen in real life. I feel this film is just as good as Phantom of the flame and I enjoyed the actors. I feel if you like the first film ….You will like Rise of the Sea Dragon. Same goes for if you hated the first and or thought it was just OK…It will be the same.

I rate this film a 4 out of 5 and look forward to the next if there is a next film. If Well Go didn’t Hook soreelflix up with this film I would have bought this day one after knowing what I know about the film now.

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