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Review: Lost in Thailand

Check out my Review for China’s Number One smashing Blockbuster film. Do I like it? Will you like it? Check for your self and leave a comment if you like.

Jackie Chan’s – Police Story 2013 – Gains A Trailer

Hello Reader! Jackie Chan Fan are we? Asian action Blockbuster film fanatic? Hey check the news below. Police Story 2013 is the 6th Police Story titled film Jackie Chan has stared in. I have to say I enjoyed all the other 5 films so I can’t wait to see this one and from the trailer […]

Fist of Legend, Journey To The West, and Takashi Miike’s Next Film All Get Trailers

First up it’s A film called Fist of Legend and no… It’s not the Jet Li Film. Fist of Legend is a Korean MMA related movie and stars Hwang Jung-min (New World), Lee Yo-won (May 18), Yoo Jun-sang (R2B: Return To Base) and Yoon Je-moon (Doomsday Book). Fist of Legend is Due in to punch […]