Bey LoganKung Fu Movies is what got me James D into Blogging and writing news and reviews. One who knows about Kung Fu movies Knows the Name Bey Logan and if not read it below.Bey Logan is pretty much an expert on Asian films and has been in the business for over 25 years starting as an editor for a Martial arts magazine. Moving on to writing screen plays to co producing Jackie Chan’s documentaries. A few scripts later he started to spread his knowledge of Kung Fu Films  through audio commentaries and then became VP at Dragon Dynasty and now owning his own Film company and creating his own films.But hey You get the point and if not read more hereI’ve been In chats with Bey for at least 5 to 6 years nothing to brag about just small talk like fan to entertainer. Before 2012 ended I wanted to know what Movies Bey Likes That didn’t involve Martial Arts.So I asked him and he replied with the list below. He didn’t give any reasons or Why he like the film but he did Give me a top 10 which give’s more or different view for Him as all I Knew when I heard of the Name Bey Logan was Kung Fu haha.Check the list out below.



Top 10 – Non Martial Art Movies

The Manchurian Candidate 1. The Manchurian Candidate
 2. Casablanca
 3. Parenthood
 4. Tombstone
 5. Star Wars
(Bey Didn’t Say what  Movie so I put up The Original 3 )
 6. Blade Runner
 7. Superman
 The Richard Donner one
 8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
 9. 40 Year Old Virgin
 10. King Kong
 The Original

Thanks Bey For sharing your top 10 with us. The list is great, filled with action, comedy, and drama. All the films I like as well except I never seen The Original King Kong. Just to let you know it’s on my Amazon wish list now.

A few pics of Bey with Tony Jaa and Brandon Lee


You can check out Bey on Facebook here
Check out his memorabilia site – all Original posters and photos from Kung Fu Films here
Stay up to date on his films and daily life at his blog here
Also Check out Bey’s Film Company B&E Productions  here


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