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Shundou is Your Next Samurai Film That Takes it Back to Classic

Shundou-pic-600x237Hello Reader! Have some sweet samurai news.

Shundou is a samurai film that returns to its classic roots and can be seen below in the form of a trailer. From the trailer the quality of the film will look really good, great detail and colors. There is not much Acton in the trailer nor does it have subtitles.

There is blood flying and its in Japanese, so it makes it hard for non Speaking and or reading Japanese hard to see whats going on. Over all the film looks promising and could be bloody.

Shundou stars , Takeo Nakahara, and directed byYasuo Mikami

Get your samurai on when Shundou hits big screens in Japan on October 19 ,2013 and no telling when this will hit the US

Plot: Three years have passed from the Great Famine of Kyoho, ten years in 1717, Inaba clan of San seemed to have regained composure. However, the information from the Araki Gen’yoshi (Wakabayashi Australian) of chamberlain chief retainer that there is a suspicious movement of thirteen Matsumiya (Yuki Meguro) of fencing coach who sent from the shogunate. Araki, the order to explore the trends of Matsumiya Funase Tai Satoru Yonin to (Takeo Nakahara). The Inaba clan, had (Hiradake large) Harada large Hachiro master of fence. Yuki (Sato Tamao) sister of samurai who lost his father when the Infant and Kagawa (side Saki Satoshi) had received full confidence in Harada. Harada scramble in order to fulfill the wishes of swordsmanship training of Kagawa in the mentoring relationship. Such occasion, there is a report from Funase, and got a secret letter to the shogunate from Matsumiya under Araki. I wrote each other to be “explored all the internal conditions of the Inaba clan” in there. In addition, news Takashi Nishizaki Mine (chestnut mound Asahi) is coming to Inaba clan as a messenger from the shogunate is provided. If you ask to face the Nishizaki and Matsumiya, Kaieki, Inaba clan to become a crushing birds. Finally, Araki is faced with a big decision. And …… Harada, Funase, Kagawa, even snow.

Trailer: Shundou

Shundou Poster-thumb-300xauto-41105

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