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Review: Hanzo the Razor Trilogy

Hanzo the Razor Trilogy
Hanzo the Razor

Starring: Shintarô Katsu, Yukiji Asaoka, Mari Atsumi, Kô Nishimura, Kamatari Fujiwara

Directed: Kenji Misumi

Release Date: April 19,2005

Run Time: 263 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles: English

Distributor: Tokyo Shock

Film Synopsis

He’s Hanzo “The Razor” Itami; the incorruptible and uncompromising samurai cop, and he packs a weapon more devastating than any sword (just ask any of the female suspects he “interrogates”). From the creator of the Lone Wolf and Cub series comes this legendary 1970s trilogy based on Kazuo Koike’s classic mangas, and starring Shintaro Katsu (Zatoichi) as Hanzo, the screen’s most outrageous samurai anti-hero. In the name of justice, there’s no torture he won’t endure, no pain he won’t inflict, and no superior he’ll bow to. Each film is presented complete and uncut.



Audio Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Sound is good in mono with no noticeable hissing and sounds pretty top-notch for DVD

Rating:3.5 stars


Picture Quality

Disc Format: DVD

Picture quality looks good but with colors that don’t pop but yet it’s not faded looking as if maybe it was remastered a bit. Blacks a pretty dark with no distortion, close-ups of faces look sharp for DVD. Over it looks pretty good on DVD

Note: Pictures provided are Screen caps produced by my computer. From comparisons with my HD TV, the TV show cases a better image than images posted here. The Screen Caps are actual source and My tv is L.E.D so things are brighter and more vivid and I expect it to be the same for you.

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Picture Capture Method – DVD Screen Cap (computer)

Rating:3.5 stars

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Theatrical Release – 1972 – 1974 (China)
DVD Release – April 19,2005 (USA)


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My Thoughts

Let the Crazy began. Hanzo the Razor is way different from Zatoichi as that is what I’m use to seeing Katsu play. I finally get to see his eyes and I have to say Shintaro Katsu is a pretty good actor.

Hanzo film Series is Set in the samurai period, The trilogy is more brutal and Katsu’s Character is less worried about honor and what not you may find in samurai films as Hanzo Is for the People.


Hanzo The Razor: Sword of Justice

Hanzo is pretty nutty and likes to torture him self to see how far man can go so he can provide better torture to others but at the same time he loves it and gets a hard on from it. He also does some penis training in this, pouring hot water on it and then proceeds to put his member on a table and beat the shit out it with a stick. After that he throws his harden member in a sack of rice and begins to pound it. If you didn’t know people did this with their hands to harden and strengthening their fingers like in kung fu flicks where they can rip bark off trees, except Hanzo uses his penis for this training lol.

Apparently this training did him some good because he rapes a women who then in turns to start enjoying it and doesn’t want him to stop…He does and wont start pounding her from behind until she tells him information he wants to know. Pretty funny stuff, also there is some nudity which I was looking for. One of Hanzo’s men crawls in a toilet to watch that lady Hanzo was Banging to see what she looked like and reported to Hanzo she was completely shaven down there before he proceeded to set her up to can get info out of her by you know…using his strengthened member lol. With every thing said you can see this is way different from other samurai films and is fun, weird, crazy funny, and I recommend it.

Now of course you read what I wrote and found I didn’t give away story or plot, just some crazy things that happened with in the film. That’s the way it needs to be so if you want to know what it’s about, go pick it up and put it you collection.

I give Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice – 4 out of 5


Hanzo the Razor: The Snare

Hanzo is back at it being a true detective as he solves a case or 2. Hanzo doesn’t care if you’re an High official whose over his head he will still be disrespectful. The Film Opens with a case after a few events about a girl who dies after an abortion, so Hanzo is saying after throwing his fingers inside her….
After said scene were back at it like the first film with the same penis training exercises which is hilarious.

This film is more weird than the first involving some weird satanic stuff during abortions ran by a chick in a temple, a dead girl gets carried around in a barrel filled with shaved ice, female priest selling women for pleasure and they watch, and these are only a few of the crazy things involved in this film. Hanzo Grew his hair out some more and its weird to see Katsu like that.

The Middle of the film is a little slower compared to the first film but when the end comes prepare for more action, more blood, arms being broken and heads being bashed in by Hanzo’s Sai

Also The famous Hanzo Torture is back.
“you saw hell before. This time you’ll see heaven” Proceeds to twirl girl who is trapped in a net on his most prized member to get her to talk.

Over all the film was a fun watch, more brutal in the action and at first was going to give a lower rating until I seen the ending action. …..More Boobs

I give The Snare a 4.5 out of 5

Hanzo The Razor: Who’s Got the Gold?

There are tons of newly created cold pieces flying around and Hanzo is down to find out why. This film has what the other 2 films have, Hanzo special torture, He beats his meat, he pleases women, more boobs. But whats new is women at a hosted party for women only lift Guys Gi’s to see what they are working with so they know which one to bang, Hanzo has a face off with a Ghost, he also banged a dead girl for about a couple of seconds… Don’t worry she was alive beforehand.

Yes it has the same making as the fist two films and all 3 films have different story’s and are all fun to watch. I love the relationship he has with his two helpers and also to ongoing feud with his Boss who he doesn’t have any respect for. Rape is wrong but its pretty funny here as the girls Hanzo takes, can’t get enough of his large Junk.

Who’s got the Gold? Is a good watch but not as good as The snare. It has some good action but not as brutal. The film gets a 4 out of 5


Over all the whole trilogy was fun to view, it was different and refreshing and I got to see boobs and Katsu take a bunch of women from behind lol. The trilogy was funny, aggressive, brutal, and a must see.

For the entire Trilogy it gets a 4.5 out of 5.

Rating – 5 Star System




4.5 stars

3.5 stars

3.5 stars

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