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Review: Lion vs Lion

Lion vs Lion 
Lion Vs Lion

Starring: Lo Meng, Wong Yue

Directed: Hsu Hsia

Release Date: 1981

Run Time: 104 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Tokyo Shock


A teacher comes across a secret list of anti-Ching rebel names and quickly becomes a target for Ching loyalists. The Five Venoms actor Lo Meng, as an ex-police officer, teams up with kung fu comedic actor Wong Yue, a coffin maker and con man, to return a lost package to a mysterious woman. Meng and Yue get caught up in the situation further after winning a lion dance contest in which the prize contains the list they are after!

My Thoughts

We have another Shaw Brother Productions featuring one of the 5 deadly venom’s
( the toad) Lo Meng. Lo Meng brings the action and his first fight scene his hand skill is blazing. The film has a decent amount of action but with the plot being dragged out it would help if their were more action scenes. Also Their is like a 15 min lion dance  an hour in to the film which I think is to long but the winner walked away with something that some one really wants.

The film trys to focus more of its efforts on the comedy side but doesn’t work for me. Some of the things were funny but with Lo Meng as lead it should be more serious. The film has a twist that I didn’t see coming so that has that going for it along with the good action.

If lo Meng wasn’t in it I would give this film a lower rating but since he is in it and throwing down some good fight scenes I will be giving this film a rating of

3.5 out of 5

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