Starring: Yang Mi, Wallace Huo, King Shih-Chieh
Directed: Hong-Seung Yoon
Studio: Well Go USA
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: February 6, 2018



In the near future, scientist Xia Tian (Yang Mi) is on the verge of a major discovery: time travel. After she successfully sends living tissue back in time by 110 minutes, her years of work seem to have paid off, but everything unravels when her young son is kidnapped and held for a hefty ransom – all of her research. When the drop goes sour and her son is killed, Xia Tian desperately sends herself back in time using her prototype, where she discovers multiple versions of her future self. Now, all of the Xia Tians must band together to save their son in this action-packed sci-fi thriller from producer Jackie Chan.


My Review:

Reset is a futuristic high-tech story that showcases a story we have seen before. But it does have a few twists that help the film become more enjoyable than a movie we have seen before. A Tech Company is in the works of creating a time traveling machine but we have a group that is trying to take the tech buy kidnapping are main lead named Mi Yang. She has to steal the tech and deliver but when things go wrong and her child ends up getting killed she races back to the company where she is wanted and uses this machine to head back in time a few hours before this all happens. Now we have two of Mi Yangs in one time line.. Does she team up with her to stop the kidnappers? Whats the big twist at the end?

The story is interesting but its something we’ve seen before just in a different format. Are Lead heads back in time a few time so now we see a few of her running around but each time she is more aggressive. The film does have good gun action, explosions and car chase scenes. The CGI and effects were pretty good. I Have to say its a fun view with a twist or two I didn’t see coming.

Overall I thought this film was a fun viewing and feel if your into what the synapses is showcasing, I say go for it. I Liked Xia Tian’s role and she does a good job acting wise and at times it can get brutal in the child death scenes.

With that said I give this film a 3.5 out of 5. For most its a film in the middle of the rating system but I’m a little higher. As I did have fun with this one. If your on the edge, i say wait for Netflix if they get it, but if a you have a few dollars go pick it up.



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