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Review: Sun, Sand and Sweat Collection (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Masked Avenger Reviews Mill Creek Entertainments Blu-Ray Multi Pack release of Sun, Sand and Sweat. Click here to see what the Ninja Thinks

Johnny Depp Plays Dumb in Mortdecai, Also Olivia Munn -Trailer Here

Hello Reader!! Johnny Depp Fan? Sexy Olivia Munn…Fan? Uhhh Yes! Check the info on the film along with its trailer below. Mortdecai is JDeep’s Next film and its old English Weird and silly. From the trailer I feel the film will be a fun watch and I can see fans not liking it, but I […]

Transcendence – Pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Film – Trailer

Hello Reader! Hey Are you a Johnny Depp fan? How about the not so crazy heavy Character driven or loony role Playing Johnny Depp and a more Down to earth serious and good acting Johnny Depp? Hey Check this news out. Transcendence is the film where it pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Techno-Thriller and […]

Johnny Depp To Get $116m to play a Pirate Again

You read that right  Johnny Depp is to get $116m to return for another Pirates of the Caribbean, making that the 5th movie in the series. A British tabloid called The Sun said the well-paid roles in the Pirates franchise allow Depp the freedom to pick and choose his other projects more carefully: Johnny is […]