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Captain America: Civil War Gets a Full Official Trailer

Hello Reader! A New Marvel Movie is upon us. Like Marvel Movies? Big Action super hero Movies? Well check the trailer and news below of this Big Action Marvel Movie. Captain America: Civil War gains a trailer which showcases a few Super heroes joining film. Minus The Hulk and Thor also No Spider-man is seen […]

Marvel and Disney’s Big Hero 6 Gets A Trailer

Hello Readers! Love Disney? Love Marvel? How about both of them combined for a movie? well Hey check this out you may like it or like the trailer. Check below for the great news. Big Hero 6 is the next Disney film to come on the Big Screen and the film is in partnership with […]

Thor Gets Another Trailer – Come and Check its Goodness

Hello Reader! Thor just got its Number 2 trailer. View below to see what the the dark world holds in a longer look at whats to come with dramatic score overlaying the action just to make you feel more pumped , oooh yea. More on Thor: The Dark World in are last article Here Trailer:

Marvel’s ANT-MAN Test Footage Leaked On-Line? Yes – I Have it

  Marvel’s ANT-MAN is a Known Project to become film in a year or two and with that said a Test of what it could be or look like has leaked on-line. The clip to me is funny and reminds me of Dollman but with way better effects lol. Again the test footage can be […]

The Avengers 2 to Release in the Summer of 2015

Looks like the Avengers sequel will be dropping on big screens in 2015 if the world still stands. Disney dropped an official statement from Marvel. “Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s […]

The Avengers 2: Is it Gonna Happen? What other Marvel Films Are in the works?

The Answer: Yes.  Disney CEO Bob Iger announced  that a second installment was being developed. He also said that the film’s success, “is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.” . Im sure every one knew that the 2nd Avengers was gonna happen after learning that it broke box office records world […]

More Hulk Too Come after Avengers?

Sounds like it could happen, even though their is no plans as of yet. Why do I say it could happen? Its because Mark Ruffalo signed a six-picture deal with Marvel just like every one of the other main heroes. So we might get a movie down the line and maybe some appearances and maybe […]