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Captain America: Civil War Gets a Full Official Trailer

Hello Reader! A New Marvel Movie is upon us. Like Marvel Movies? Big Action super hero Movies? Well check the trailer and news below of this Big Action Marvel Movie. Captain America: Civil War gains a trailer which showcases a few Super heroes joining film. Minus The Hulk and Thor also No Spider-man is seen […]

Animation Turn Live Action – The Jungle Book Gets a Dark Looking Trailer

Live Action Version of The Jungle Books comes to Life in the first full trailer. Starring a ton of actors and directed by Jon Favreau. Trailer inside

Official (HQ) Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Has Just Released

As you may or may not know – Avengers: Age of Ultron’s trailer leaked last night, one week before its official release. Of course its a bootleg copy and quality isn’t their  but its viewable. Well Marvel decided to the only thing it can, and that’s to release the official high Quality trailer today.  Trailer […]

Jon Favreau’s – Chef – Gets A Trailer

Hello Readers! Jon Favreau fans are we? I like his films and if you do to than this new is for you. Check it out below. Chef features and all-star cast with a lot of stars and from the trailer I think this will be a fun movie….about cooking food.  My Man Pest I mean […]

Scarlett Johansson’s Sexiness Appears in Her New Trailer for ‘Lucy’

Hello Reader! ScarJo Fans are we? I am. Guess what She gains some powers and is badass that also stars an actor from Oldboy. Check below for the trailer. Lucy gets a trailer and its a film I didnt know about. The film has a good cast and deals with drugs that transform Scarlett into […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Warms Us Up With Its First Trailer

Hello Reader! Marvel fans can rejoice, as of now we have the first trailer to the First Avenger’s next adventure. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gets its first trailer Viewable below. From the trailer it looks look it will have that Avenger feeling like how big everything is with its technology and battle scenes. I […]

Under The Skin Teaser – Sexy Scarlett Johansson Stars in This Sci-Fi

Hello Reader! Do you like Scarlett Johansson? How about Science Fiction films? Or Just weird-looking films?  Yes to any of those then check the news below. Sexy Scarlett Johansson Stars in This Sci-Fi film called Under The Skin and soreelflix has the teaser. Is it shocking? Not nudity shocking but from the teaser it is […]

Trailer: Hitchcock

Looks like Hitchcock the biopic got a trailer yesterday and here it is below. Anthony Hopkins plays the man himself Alfred Hitchcock also the film stars Helen Mirren as Hitch’s wife Alma, and Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh. Hitchcock is due to tell the story of the great director/ Producer this November 23rd in a […]