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Full Trailer For The Revenant Hits The Net Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy

The Revenant drops a full trailer with lots more acting and action. Check it out here and let the Drama take you in. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Go Acting

The Revenant Gains Trailer – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy star in The Revenant. Trailer inside and Man is this movie looking good. Cant wait, Check out the trailer.

The Maze Runner Gains a Trailer – Get Trapped In This Maze

Hello Reader and Movie Fan! Perhaps Teen Movie Fan. Got some news if interested, another teen film is here but…Its Gritty, so you may want to check it out below. The Maze Runner is another teen flick but for me it separates it self in the more dark and gritty look with maybe less drama […]

We’re The Millers – Gets A Trailer – Starring Jennifer Aniston as a Stripper :)

Oooo Yea come get some, We’re the millers gets a trailer. The fame family to smuggle drugs across the border have Jason Sudeikis hireng as tripper to be his wife and that is Jennifer Aniston aaand she throws down some moves. Ed Helms Plays the drug lord who is mega rich and owns a huge […]