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Review: Killer Constable (Shaw Brothers)

Killer Constable
Review: Killer Constable
4.5 stars

Killer Constable is a Sword Play Film starring My Man Chen Kuan-tai. This IVL Edition of Course is region 3 only and has no dubbing with English subtitles. Read it you pansy’s

The film isn’t classic five-star but for me it feels close thanks to its story line and action along with a few Holy Shit moments that squealed from my mouth. No Speed ups….well Just some but it’s not during the action, action portions. The sword play was pretty good showcasing a few things I haven’t seen before which is always a good start to a classic. Blood is spraying every where and limbs, fingers and heads are detached with a swing of a blade. Also a few guys die who you get to bond with which is always nice of a film to change your mood some. Whats not to like? For me it’s not much, the story runs a tad slow in some spots but the action helps make up for it.

Chen Kuan-tai plays a good guy chasing down a clan whom stole a ton of gold. Killing the bad guys is a must and at times feels like my Man Chen wont make it out but I tell you god darn it he does. Cut up in multiple sections, stuck with arrows and almost burns to death, he still find his way to make it to the end of the film. But the gripe there is movie magic when Chen walks in to the final fight against 100 men with swords and I see he doesn’t have that limp anymore.

Overall the film was a good watch and I recommend buying if you can find it. Great action, good story-line and cast, Blood, heads, and a few twists and turns and you have this film here. Also want to point out we also get that classic Shaw Brothers deaths when some one dies still standing and or kneeling while holding on to their weapon that is holding them up. Add a breast or two, tad more action in the slow regions and you could have a classic in my eyes.

With that said I give this film a 4.5 out of 5. I recommend watching this film in the dark as we do get a decent amount of dark scenes. Go Buy it. Now I need to put my sword to work and make some more money to fund my search for more Shaw Brothers Films I don’t own yet.

Killer Constable

Killer Constable

AKA – Karate Exterminators / Lighting Kung Fu
Starring – Chen Kuan-Tai, Ku Feng, Walter Tso Tat-Wah, Jason Pai Piao
Directed – Kuei Chih-Hung
Distributors – Shaw Brothers, IVL
Release Date – March, 28, 1980
Language – Mandarin
Dubbing – None
Subtitles – English

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